Friday, August 17, 2012
ORNL in the News

ORNL researchers improve soil carbon cycling models

(PhysOrg) A new carbon cycling model developed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory better accounts for the carbon dioxide-releasing activity of microbes in the ground, improving scientists' understanding of the role soil will play in future climate change...8/16

Climate Science Triggers Torrent of Big Data Challenges

(HPC Wire) Supercomputers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory computing complex produce some of the world’s largest scientific datasets. Many are from studies using high-resolution models to evaluate climate change consequences and mitigation strategies...Researchers at the Oak Ridge Climate Change Science Institute (ORCCSI) use coupled Earth system models and observations to explore connections among atmosphere, oceans, land, and ice and to better understand the Earth system...8/15


White House studying potential oil reserve release

(Reuters) The White House is "dusting off old plans" for a potential release of oil reserves to dampen prices and prevent high energy costs from undermining sanctions against Iran


Obama Administration Announces New Public-Private Partnership to Support Manufacturing Innovation, Encourage Investment in America

( Following through on our We Can’t Wait efforts, the Obama Administration today announced the launch of a new public-private institute for manufacturing innovation in Youngstown, Ohio as part of its ongoing efforts to help revitalize American manufacturing and encourage companies to invest in the United States...8/16

East Tennessee

YWCA's Tribute to Women honorees named

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Six East Tennessee women were recognized Thursday night as the YWCA's 2012 Tribute to Women honorees...This year's event emphasized dedication to equality, empowerment and transformation, themes that reflect the mission of the YWCA to eliminate racism, empower women, and create peace, justice, dignity and freedom for all...8/16

State & Regional

Tom Kilgore stepping down from TVA post

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Using a football analogy, TVA President and CEO Tom Kilgore told the agency's board members he was in the fourth quarter of his career and it was about time to call it a game...8/16

TN's jobless rate reaches 8.4 percent for July

(The Tennessean) Tennessee’s run of having a better unemployment rate than the nation as a whole is over. An estimated 8.4 percent of Tennesseans were jobless in July, up from 8.1 percent in June...8/17

energy & science policy

Record Warm Water in Long Island Sound Shuts Down Connecticut Nuclear Power Plant

(National Geographic News) In a sign of the severity of this summer’s record heat, one of the two reactors at Connecticut’s only nuclear power plant has been shut down due to historically high water temperatures in Long Island Sound, source of the facility’s cooling water...8/13

White House Releases Report on Advanced Manufacturing

(AIP) ...The report calls for the establishment of a national network of manufacturing innovation institutes; emphasizes community college training; and proposes trade, regulatory, and energy policies that would potentially benefit domestic manufacturers...8/16

science & technology

In a surprise, CO2 emissions fall to 20-year low in U.S.

(AP) Mainly because power plants have switched from coal to natural gas, climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions hit an unexpected 20-year low earlier this year...8/16

Battery team gets a charge out of lignin

(PhysOrg) Researchers from Poland and Sweden are using a waste product from the paper making process to develop a battery. That material is lignin...8/17

NASA Pulls Off 160-Million-Mile Software Patch

(Wired News) Last Tuesday the team at NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory finished what amounted to a complete overhaul of the Curiosity Rover’s software...8/16

Other Stories

How to Get Students Interested in Space (and Science, and Math, and Engineering)

(The Atlantic) How do you get young people excited about space?...How, in fact, do you get them to consider pursuing careers in engineering and tech?...8/16

Gulf states 'need a more unified approach to R&D'

(Nature) A lack of shared research and development (R&D) strategies and clear procedures for funding scientific research are the main obstacles to the progress of scientific development in the Gulf countries, according to a study...8/16