Tuesday, August 20, 2013
ORNL in the News

Adding Defects to Superconducting Wire Creates Unprecedented Performance

(Science World Report) ...A team led by ORNL’s Amit Goyal demonstrated that superconducting wires can be tuned to match different operating conditions by introducing small amounts of non-superconducting material that influences how the overall material behaves...8/19

Ford Taps ORNL to Boost Vehicle Airflow, Fuel Efficiency

(HPC Wire) Anybody who drives one of Ford's recent vehicles spends a little less money on gasoline thanks to HPC work the carmaker undertook with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where more than one million processor hours were spent getting a handle on the complex fluid dynamics governing airflow under the hood...8/19

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Chief Scientist Steven Zinkle to Speak at Clarkson University

(Clarkson University News) The New Horizons in Engineering Distinguished Lectureship Series at Clarkson University has announced that Steven J. Zinkle, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate chief scientist and corporate fellow, will speak next month about materials engineering challenges in fission and fusion energy...8/19

ORNL team uses lignin to power green battery

(R&D Magazine) Lignin is a waste material that is produced when paper is manufactured from wood....“We use a very low-cost melt processing technology in order to make a 3-D structure that can be converted into a battery material,” said Orlando Rios of ORNL’s Materials Science and Technology Div...8/19


Security sergeants at Y-12

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Last October, B&W Y-12 made it official and took over the protective force function at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, hiring about 560 employees from WSI-Oak Ridge (the former security contractor) to carry out the government’s wishes in the wake of the big security breach in July 2012...8/19

Class Is Now in Session: Energy 101

(Energy.gov) This week, energy.gov is going back to school. Our first stop: a look at how the Energy Department's Energy 101 Course Framework is helping colleges and universities offer energy-related classes...8/19



U.S. says it may cut aid to Egypt, but no decision yet

(Reuters) The United States said on Monday it still may cut economic or military aid to Egypt but has not made any decision to do so after the Egyptian military's violent crackdown on protesters in which almost 900 people have died in the last week...8/19

To Solve The U.S. Retirement Crisis, Look To Australia

(Forbes) ...imagine living in a country where all employees are covered by an employer-sponsored retirement plan...Where people don’t tap their retirement funds early, as many Americans do, running the risk of depleting their savings...8/19

East Tennessee

3D Printing: The Future is (Almost) Now

(City View) An exciting new means of production is hitting the streets in and around Knoxville. Learn how it works, what it’s currently used for—and what the future will print...8/9

Economic milestones worth celebrating

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The regional economy recently passed a couple of milestones that are worth celebrating...8/17

energy & science policy

Australia's Top Scientist Calls for a National Strategic Science Policy

(Science Magazine) Australia's top science adviser yesterday warned the nation that it was time to feel a "sense of urgency" about its slipping science and technology expertise or risk falling behind the rest of the world scientifically and economically...8/1

science & technology

The Five Myths of Terrorism—Including That It Works

(Scientific American) Because terrorism educes such strong emotions, it has led to at least five myths...8/19

Researchers find Europe's forests moving toward carbon sink saturation point

(PhysOrg) A team composed of researchers from several European countries has found that, due to aging forests and deforestation, Europe's forests appear headed for a carbon sink saturation point much earlier than anticipated...8/19

Next Out of the Printer, Living Tissue

(NY Times) Dr. D’Lima, who heads an orthopedic research lab at the Scripps Clinic here, has already made bioartificial cartilage in cow tissue, modifying an old inkjet printer to put down layer after layer of a gel containing living cells. He has also printed cartilage in tissue removed from patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery...8/18

Charting the Fall of Solar Prices

(The Atlantic) The prices of solar cells are falling rapidly, and will keep doing so for the next few years...8/19

Other Stories

Japan Solar Energy Soars, But Grid Needs to Catch Up

(National Geographic News) Japan's renewable energy incentive law has spurred construction of so many photovoltaic farms that the nation is expected to be the world's leading solar energy market this year. But Japan must upgrade its system for delivering electricity...8/14

The End of TV as We Know It

(Time) ...It's a phenomenon known in the business as cord cutting, and it signals the biggest change in media consumption since the Internet began killing newspapers over a decade ago...8/26