Thursday, August 20, 2015
ORNL in the News

Car powers homeORNL making 3D printed car that could power 3D printed home

(WBIR) Technology that puts a car and home on the same source of power is just around the corner, and an East Tennessee team is trying to make it happen. Researchers at ORNL are working on a project where a 3D printed house and a 3D printed vehicle could power each other...8/19

VirusViral comparisons

(R&D Magazine) “If you were to take all the viruses from the planet, and lay them side by side, the length would be 1,000 times the length of the Milky Way,” said David Ussery, who leads the comparative genomics group at the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE)’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)...8/18

Science and Technology

Methane-Eating Microbes May Mitigate Arctic Emissions

(Scientific American) The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, on average. And as permafrost becomes, well, not so perma, microbes are warming up, feasting on organic compounds in the thawed soil...8/19

'Quantum dot' technology may help light the future

(PhysOrg) Advances at Oregon State University in manufacturing technology for "quantum dots" may soon lead to a new generation of LED lighting that produces a more user-friendly white light, while using less toxic materials and low-cost manufacturing processes that take advantage of simple microwave heating...8/19

Energy and Science Policy

US government seeks to cut methane emissions from oil and gas industry  

(Nature News) The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on 18 August proposed the nation's first regulations to curb methane emissions from oil and gas development. The action came as scientists reported that the amount of methane released by the US natural-gas sector may be severely underestimated...8/18

Interior Department to lead review of Colorado river spill

(PhysOrg) The Interior Department will lead a review of the Colorado mine spill that tainted rivers in three western states. The review was announced late Tuesday after elected officials from both parties questioned whether the Environmental Protection Agency should be left to probe its own heavily criticized response to the disaster...8/20


Master’s Program Partnership with UT Paying Off for Y-12 Engineers

(Tennessee Today) As he spent Fridays in an Oak Ridge classroom for nearly two years, Eric White knew an industrial engineering master’s degree would help him sharpen his professional skills while strengthening his resume and helping him network with other Y-12 National Security Complex employees. But he never expected the master’s degree to pay off so quickly...8/18

Duke researcher bags $5M grant from U.S. to study renewable energy

(Triangle Business Journal) Gas prices have come down since 2008, but finding cost-effective sources of renewable energy is still a goal for the federal government. With the help of a maximum $5.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, Duke University will lead a consortium to study the extraction, development and commoditization of various products from algae...8/17

Judge holds Energy Department to deadlines on Hanford

(The Daily Astorian) A federal judge ruled this week that the Department of Energy will be required to build new storage tanks for high level radioactive waste at Hanford Nuclear Reservation if it does not meet certain deadlines related to cleanup projects...8/16

Local and State

Tennessee agencies asked to prepare budgets with 3.5% cut

(The Tennessean) Tennessee state agencies need to prepare budgets this year with a 3.5 percent cut compared with last year, according to a new directive from the administration of Gov. Bill Haslam...8/19

First responders file lawsuit against CSX for train derailment

(WBIR) Ten first responders who helped evacuate residents during a train derailment in Blount County are suing the companies who owned the railroad tracks and rail car. ...8/18