Tuesday, August 27, 2013
ORNL in the News

Top neutron scientists named to positions at ORNL

(Oak Ridge Today) Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Neutron Sciences Directorate, or NScD, home organization for the Spallation Neutron Source and High Flux Isotope Reactor, has filled two high-level administrative positions with leaders in the neutron scattering field. Rob McQueeney, recently with Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory, has been named NScD’s deputy associate laboratory director. Alan Tennant, currently with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin in Germany, has been named chief scientist for the NScD...8/26

Energy Cost Innovation, Part 1: Liquid Fuel Nuclear Reactors

(The Energy Collective) ...In the 1960s Oak Ridge director Alvin Weinberg led development of the molten salt reactor for electric power generation, convinced that “humankind’s whole future depended on” this inexhaustible energy. Weinberg had rather accurately predicted the 21st century climate crisis...8/26


As sentencing approaches for Plowshares protesters, legal jousting picks up steam

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Transform Now Plowshares protesters remain jailed in South Georgia, where they’ve been held since May to await sentencing on federal charges related to last year’s break-in at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant...8/26

Energy Department Partners with State of New Jersey to Study Ways to Improve the Reliability of New Jersey’s Transit System in Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

(Energy.gov) As part of the Obama Administration’s ongoing commitment to provide support to communities affected by Superstorm Sandy, the Energy Department today announced that it will partner with the State of New Jersey, NJ Transit and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to assess NJ Transit’s energy needs and help develop a conceptual design of an advanced microgrid system...8/26



U.S. could look beyond U.N. Security Council in any Syria strike

(Reuters) In the face of a U.N. Security Council deadlocked on Syria, the United States and its allies could seek other means of legitimizing any retaliatory strike they launch against Syria's government for last week's alleged gas attack on civilians...8/27

East Tennessee

Researchers Use Supercomputer to Map the Earth’s Magnetosphere to Predict and Prepare for Space Weather Events

(Tennessee Today) ...Researchers using supercomputing power at the National Institute for Computational Sciences are creating a topological map of Earth’s magnetosphere for global kinetic simulations, allowing them to closely study how space weather affects our magnetosphere...8/26

State & Regional

TVA’s Anda Ray joins EPRI

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Anda A. Ray, TVA’s senior VP for engineering, environment and support services, has joined the Electric Power Research Institute as vice president for environment and chief sustainability officer...8/26

TVA cited for shutdown at Browns Ferry plant

(AP) The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a safety citation to the Tennessee Valley Authority for an incident that prompted an automatic shutdown at a plant in northern Alabama...8/27

energy & science policy

DOE Head Ernest Moniz Delivers First Major Policy Address

(Green Tech Media) Dr. Ernest J. Moniz just delivered his first big policy address since being sworn in as the 13th U.S. Secretary of Energy in May. He spoke at Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy in New York City this afternoon. Secretary Moniz set the Obama Administration's Climate Action Plan as the backbone of his speech and set the stage for his tenure at the DOE...8/26

science & technology

US electrical grid on the edge of failure

(Nature) Facebook can lose a few users and remain a perfectly stable network, but where the national grid is concerned simple geography dictates that it is always just a few transmission lines from collapse...8/25

Friday Night Lights: Thanks to New U.S. Standard, It Won’t Cost as Much to Light Your High School Football Field

(National Geographic News) Next time you’re at a night game or in a big box store, look up—if you see bright white lights housed in dome-shaped fixtures, you’re probably looking at metal halide lights...8/23

Researchers Figure out How to 'Grow' Carbon Nanotubes With Specific Atomic Structures

(Science Daily) Move over, silicon. In a breakthrough in the quest for the next generation of computers and materials, researchers at USC have solved a longstanding challenge with carbon nanotubes: how to actually build them with specific, predictable atomic structures...8/26

A Database of 3D Fossils, Ready for You to Explore and Print

(The Atlantic) ... a new database launched by the British Geological Service, contains not just thousands of images of fossils held in a host of British collections, but also 3D models of many of those fossils, which can be viewed, rotated, and enlarged in an interactive display case...8/26

Other Stories

Why diesels are gaining momentum in diesel-hostile U.S.

(USA Today) Diesel vehicle sales could explode the next few years, hitting as much as 10% of new vehicle sales by 2018, according to an expert panel here...8/26

Which U.S. Agencies Have Taken The Most Furlough Days?

(NPR) The threat of furloughs loomed large early in 2013, when mandatory budget cuts seemed certain to force federal workers to skip anywhere from 10 to 22 days of work without pay this year...8/26