August 29, 2016
ORNL in the News

ORNL, ETEC hope to enhance cybersecurity

(The Oak Ridger) The Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee have joined with Cisco Systems, the East Tennessee Economic Council and other private corporations to form the Cyber & Information Security Consortium (CISC)...8/25

Atoms in MaterialsNew approach to determining how atoms are arranged in materials

(Space Daily) Researchers from North Carolina State University, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed a novel approach to materials characterization, using Bayesian statistical methods to glean new insights into the structure of materials...8/26

Guiness World RecordOak Ridge National Laboratory and The Boeing Company to receive Guinness World Records title for largest solid 3D printed item

(WVLT TV) A Guinness World Records judge will measure and award the title of largest solid 3D printed item to ORNL and Boeing for a 3D printed tool used in manufacturing the Boeing 777X passenger jet, weighs approximately 1,650 pounds and exceeds the required minimum size of 0.3 cubic meters, or approximately 10.6 cubic feet, to achieve the title....8/26

Researchers push ahead automated approach to rare earth recovery

(Resource Recycling) Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed an automated process for disassembling hard drives so their rare earth elements can be reused. That process, which aims to keep intact hard drives out of shredders, will be tested by a manufacturer in Tennessee...8/25

Science and Technology

DroneMe and my drone: how automatons are changing research

(Nature News) Drones are increasingly making their way into remote locations, violent storms and hazardous habitats for scientific purposes. The technology is so popular that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is stepping in with new rules governing how drones are operated for research uses, among others.


Energy and Science Policy

Congress Set to Initiate NRC Licensing Program for Advanced Nuclear Reactors

(AIP) The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is poised to move from preliminary studies of licensing requirements for advanced nuclear reactors to the development of an actual licensing program. A number of bills currently making their way through Congress provide funding and authorization for such a program, but a final legislative framework has not yet emerged...8/25



Science of SmallThe Science of Small

Berkeley Lab researchers are using the science of the very small to help solve big challenges. That's because, at the nanoscale -- the scale of molecules and proteins -- new and exciting properties emerge that can possibly be put to use. Nanoscience research offers a host of potential benefits, but we wanted to show you one of the most visually striking examples...8/25

UPS Pursues Ambitious Sustainability Research Projects with U.S. Department Of Energy to Power the Future of Trucking

(Sustainable Brands) A pair of Department of Energy grants awarded to UPS (NYSE: UPS) will enable the company and a world-class team of engineers to conduct cutting-edge research aimed at reducing emissions and revolutionizing the charging process for electric trucks. The grants, announced today, are part of the Department of Energy's efforts to spur innovation and promote more efficient cars and trucks...8/16

Local and State

UT, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Release New Biodiversity Web Application

(Southeast Green) The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and School of Art have partnered with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Inventory and Monitoring Branch to create a new web application, Species Mapper. Everyone from park managers to school groups can use Species Mapper to explore suitable habitats for species for more than 1,800 species...8/27

IACMIIACMI, University of Tennessee opens revamped facility

(Composites World) ...The newly named Fibers and Composites Manufacturing Facility and Engineering Annex serves as a complementary resource to area facilities such as the Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL...8/26