Monday, August 30, 2010
ORNL in the News

Oak Ridge lab assesses pipeline break

(Inside Energy Extra) (scroll) A national laboratory analyzing data from a ruptured oil pipeline in Michigan expects to conclude a metallurgical engineering analysis soon, a spokeswoman for the lab said Friday. "It's sort of a soon as possible [situation], but the most important thing is making sure we've got the facts right," said Barbara Penland of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. She acknowledged there was "some urgency" to completing the report...8/27

ORNL graphite foam technology licensed to LED North America

(ORNL Press Release) Technology developed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory that extends the life of light-emitting diode lamps has been licensed to LED North America...8/27

MesoCoat Inc. exclusively licenses transformational surface engineering technology developed at a National Lab

(SpecialChem) MesoCoat is pleased to announce that it has acquired exclusive commercial rights to the high density infrared surface modification technology IP Portfolio from UT-Battelle, LLC. This breakthrough surface engineering technology was developed over the last decade at the infrared processing center, part of the industrial materials division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)...8/30


UT Supercomputers to Gain More Power Thanks to NSF Grants

( The University of Tennessee, Knoxville's supercomputing capabilities are about to become more powerful. The UT-managed National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS) is adding 300 teraflops to the TeraGrid's total computational capability thanks to two awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF) which total $3.4 million...NICS is a joint effort of UT Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Laboratory...8/28

Purdue App Slows Servers When Cooling Fails

(PC World Business Center) Patrick Finnegan, a systems administrator at Purdue University, has developed software that slows the clock speed of server processors, a throttling that reduces the heat they produce...Finnegan built the software using a clock frequency scaling driver available for the Linux kernel, which can control both Intel and AMD chipsets with frequency scaling capabilities. The software also relies on Altair job scheduling software as well as a set of cluster management tools from the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.




Department of Energy Gives Strategic Polymer Sciences a $1 Million Grant Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology

(Trading Markets) Strategic Polymer Sciences (SPS), a developer of electroactive polymer (EAP) technology, announced it has received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)...8/27

Breaking down Cold War: Secrecy shrouds dismantlement work at Y-12 weapons plant

(Knoxville News Sentinel) At the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, even success is shrouded in secrecy.  According to plant officials, Y-12 last year dismantled more weapon parts than at any time in the past quarter-century. Because of classification rules, however, they can't say how many parts were dismantled or provide even a ballpark estimate of how big a backlog of Cold War bomb components is still waiting to be taken apart...8/29

East Tennessee

Right of way dispute heated in Townsend

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Nowadays the "peaceful side of the Smokies" is anything but.  Townsend is a lot like a duck swimming on a pond. It appears calm on the surface, but there's a lot going on underneath, the result of a three-way tug-of-war involving business, government and a state agency trying to simply enforce the law...8/30


US GDP growth revised down to 1.6 percent as economy cools

(CS Monitor) The US economy rose at a 1.6 percent pace in 2010's second quarter, a number that's disappointingly tepid but still keeps hope alive that the US will avoid a dip back into recession this year...8/27

Hurricane Earl more forceful, expected to become 'major hurricane'

(CNN) Hurricane Earl continues to pick up more power in the Atlantic Ocean, with winds whipping at about 105 mph (165 kph) and forcing even stronger gusts.  Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Leeward Islands could get up to eight inches of rain and as much as 12 inches in isolated areas with higher elevations, the hurricane center said...8/30

Cash-Poor Governments Ditching Public Hospitals

(Wall Street Journal) Faced with mounting debt and looming costs from the new federal health-care law, many local governments are leaving the hospital business, shedding public facilities that can be the caregiver of last resort...8/29



energy & science policy

Inside Energy Extra

8/30 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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  • Industries petition over sulfur standard
  • Calif. solar project advances at BLM
  • Greens aim to delay Wyo. coal leases
  • LED North America, ORNL license
  • Oak Ridge lab assesses pipeline break

science & technology

Ohio State's Buckeye Bullet Smashes World Record For Fastest Electric Car

(Popular Science) We're not sure how your week was, but for a team of mechanical engineers, speed junkies, and gearheads from Ohio State it was anything but slow. This week the team took the Buckeye Bullet version 2.5, the team's battery powered, all-electric landspeed racer out to the Bonneville Salt Flats to break the electric car land speed world record, and they did exactly that, hitting a peak speed of 320 miles per hour...8/27

NASA Looks to Support Space Taxis

(Fox News) NASA is reassuring commercial space firms that it will be a supportive customer for privately built space taxis even as it cautions that Congress could stymie efforts to foster development of such vehicles...8/27


Other Stories

"Lost" Language Found on Back of 400-Year-Old Letter

(National Geographic) Notes on the back of a 400-year-old letter have revealed a previously unknown language once spoken by indigenous peoples of northern Peru, an archaeologist says.  Penned by an unknown Spanish author and lost for four centuries, the battered piece of paper was pulled from the ruins of an ancient Spanish colonial church in 2008...8/27

Robot Camera Finds New Underwater Species Off Indonesia

(Fox News) Scientists using cutting-edge technology to explore waters off Indonesia were wowed by colorful and diverse images of marine life on the ocean floor -- including plate-sized sea spiders and flower-like sponges that appear to be carnivorous...8/26