Thursday, August 31, 2017
ORNL in the News

Qubitekk licenses ORNL single-photon source approach for quantum encryption

(Oak Ridger) Qubitekk has non-exclusively licensed an Oak Ridge National Laboratory-developed method to produce quantum light particles, known as photons, in a controlled, deterministic manner that promises improved speed and security when sharing encrypted data...8/29

ORNL turning plants into plastic as part of new research project

(WVLT-TV) Developing the next generation of biofuels and plant-based alternatives to petroleum-based plastics is happening at the new Center for Bioenergy Innovation in Oak Ridge...8/30

Lopez Named Vanderbilt’s Liaison To Oak Ridge National Laboratory August 30, 2017

( Carlos F. Lopez, assistant professor of biochemistry and biomedical informatics, has been appointed as Vanderbilt University's liaison to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy's largest science and energy laboratory conducting research in energy and security....8/30

Molten salt reactors: A new beginning for an old idea

( Molten salt reactors have seen a marked resurgence of interest over the past decade, highlighted by their inclusion as one of six Generation IV reactor types....8/30

Southern Research to participate in low cost carbon fiber project

(JEC Composites) The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy announces that Western Research Institute was selected for an award with DOE funding of $3,745,413 to develop low cost carbon fiber components using various resources as the feedstock...8/30

DOE Lab to Explore Machine Learning Tools for Scientific Data Analysis

(ExecutiveGov) A team of Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers has received a three-year, $2 million contract from the Energy Department tostudy the potential use of machine learning tools in scientific data analysis...8/29

Science and Technology

A new estimate of biodiversity on Earth

(PhysOrg) ...Scientists generally agree that many more species exist than are formally described, but they disagree about how many there really are. Some studies have estimated 2 million or fewer, whereas others suggest as many as 12 million...8/30

Study gives first proof that the Earth has a natural thermostat

(PhysOrg) The idea of a natural temperature thermostat was first proposed in 1981, but until now no-one has been able to provide data to show that the recovery from the hot and cold temperature fluctuations were associated with a specific mechanism...8/15

Energy and Science Policy

National Academies Report Explores Benefits, Challenges of Large NASA Science Missions

(AIP) A new National Academies report details the role that NASA’s large strategic missions play in the agency’s science portfolio...8/29

Perry taps federal oil reserve

( ...Historic flooding along the Gulf Coast knocked out ports and pipelines, blocking oil tankers from docking and slowing the flow of crude upon which the nation's refinery hub around Houston is dependent. On Thursday morning the Department of Energy announced it would deliver half a million barrels of crude to the Lake Charles refinery operated by Phillips 66...8/31


Staff Report to the Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability

( ...The study contains a comprehensive analysis and series of recommendations from the Department of Energy staff meant to inform and guide policy makers, regulators, and the general public in future conversations about the challenges America faces...8/30

DOE disposing of uranium-233 waste stored at ORNL

(Oak Ridge Today) They haven’t agreed on a final budget number, but the Trump administration and the U.S. House and Senate have proposed spending between about $33 million and $52 million in the next fiscal year to continue disposing of uranium-233 waste materials that are stored at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in a building that is the oldest continuously operating nuclear facility in the U.S. Department of Energy complex...8/30

Nuclear Engineering receives $2 million in grants from Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

(UNM Newsroom) ...Youho Lee is also leading a project, along with MIT, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Kairos Power, that will study design and operational challenges faced by the Molten Salt Reactor, a promising next-generation nuclear reactor...8/30

Federal board recommends five cleanup priorities for Oak Ridge Reservation

(Oak Ridge Today) A federal board has recommended five cleanup priorities for the Oak Ridge Reservation: offsite groundwater monitoring, future waste disposal capacity, the disposal of excess facilities, mercury in East Fork Poplar Creek, and remaining debris at the East Tennessee Technology Park...8/29

Local and State

Harvey affects pipeline that carries most of Tennessee's gasoline, but no shortages expected

(Times Free Press) Tropical storm Harvey has put a hurt on the Colonial Pipeline, a massive, 5,500-mile-long system that delivers some 2.6 million barrels of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel to 11 states from Houston to New York — including a spur pipeline that feeds Chattanooga, Nashville and Knoxville...8/30