Tuesday, September 4, 2012
ORNL in the News

Thom Mason with CheckADFAC celebrates new home for expectant mother

(Oak Ridge Today) She's been living with her parents in west Oak Ridge, but child care worker Carly Gilbert will soon have a home of her own. The 25-year-old expects to move into a home on Robertsville Road within about a week. She has a 30-year-mortgage on the home, built with the help of Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties and volunteers from UT-Battelle, which manages Oak Ridge National Laboratory...9/3

The big computing change is taking place at ORNL; first Kepler GPUs being tested, many more coming soon -- on the way to Titan

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Jeff Nichols, Oak Ridge National Laboratory's scientific computing chief, confirmed that the lab has received its initial complement of Nvidia's next-generation Kepler GPUs and has installed them in the "development platform"—which is a segment of the former Cray "Jaguar" supercomputer that's being transformed to a 20-petaflops machine (to be renamed "Titan") and could even be the world's fastest computer if things work out....9/2


Report: If surveillance devices had worked, trespassers would have been caught before they got to HEUMF

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Inspector General's Special Report on the Y-12 security breach goes into considerable details about the faulty surveillance and assessment equipment, which apparently wasn't repair on any kind of urgent schedule and even when fixed, sometimes went back into disrepair...8/31

Particle Wave GeneratorProject Aims to Harness the Power of Waves

(New York Times) About 15 years ago, this environmentally conscious state with a fir tree on its license plates began pushing the idea of making renewable energy from the ocean waves that bob and swell on the Pacific horizon.

State & Regional

Tennessee senator calls for inquiry of virtual school citing low test scores

(Memphis Commercial Appeal) A Chattanooga senator is pressing for an inquiry into the for-profit Tennessee Virtual Academy after seeing test scores he describes as “dismal.”...8/31


Hillary ClintonChina warns U.S. not to take sides in sea disputes

(Reuters) China warned the United States not to get involved in South China Sea territorial disputes on Tuesday as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton headed to Beijing pledging to pass on a strong message on the need to calm regional tension....9/4

Isaac's rains help ease drought a little — but not much

(USA Today) Soaking rains from remnants of Hurricane Isaac lifted farmers' spirits over the long Labor Day weekend in the USA's drought-stricken breadbasket. But the rain — approaching 6 inches in a few areas — was mostly too little, too late, officials said...9/3

East Tennessee

East TN job outlook remains positive this Labor Day

(WBIR) As the Labor Day holiday draws to a close, many people across East Tennessee are preparing to head back to work Tuesday...9/3

energy & science policy

Decadal Report on Nuclear Physics

(AIP) A decadal survey issued in late June by a National Research Council committee concluded that the “nuclear physics program in the United States has been especially well managed,” and offered recommendations to guide the program in future years...8/31

science & technology

VoyagerSpacecraft to starship? 35 years after launch, Voyager 1 is barreling toward the stars

(Washington Post) Thirty-five years after leaving Earth, Voyager 1 is reaching for the stars. Sooner or later, the workhorse spacecraft will bid adieu to the solar system and enter a new realm of space — the first time a man made object will have escaped to the other side...9/4

Ancient Denisovan Genome: Relationships Between Denisovans and Present-Day Humans Revealed

(Science Daily) Max Planck researchers have described the Denisovan genome, illuminating the relationships between Denisovans and present-day humans...In 2010 Svante Pääbo and his colleagues sequenced DNA that they isolated from a finger bone fragment discovered in the Denisova Cave in southern Siberia...8/28

Other Stories

Harvard Students Accused of Cheating on Final Exam Reflects 'Culture of Cheating,' Grad Says

(ABC News) Administrators at Harvard College have accused 125 students of cheating on a final exam last spring, an allegation that Harvard graduate and author Eric Kester said reflects a "culture of cheating" at the school...8/31

Corn Exports Shrivel as U.S. Ethanol Demand Grows

(MIT Technology Review) As an increasing amount of U.S. corn is being used to meet rising ethanol demand, the United States—the world’s dominant producer and exporter of corn—is exporting less...

Out there

Two-Faced CatVenus, the Two-Faced Cat, a Mystery

(National Geographic) Venus the two-faced cat is currently the most famous feline on the planet. The three-year-old tortoiseshell has her own Facebook page and a YouTube video that's been viewed over a million times, and appeared on the Today Show last week. One look at this cat and you can understand why: One half is solid black with a green eye—the other half has typical orange tabby stripes and a blue eye...8/31