Friday, September 7, 2012
ORNL in the News

Neutron Detector Will Advance Human Disease Research

(Science Daily) A neutron detector developed for studies focused on life science, drug discovery and materials technology has been licensed by PartTec Ltd. The Indiana-based manufacturer of radiation detection technologies is moving the technology developed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory toward the commercial marketplace...9/6

September 2012 story tips

(PhysOrg) Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Oklahoma's ClimateMaster Inc. have collaborated to develop a ground source heat pump that can reduce a homeowner's electric bill by up to 60 percent...9/6

Briefing on ORNL cleanup

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge environmental advisory board will holds its monthly meeting Sept. 12. There will be a presentation by DOE's Laura Wilkerson on cleanup activities under way at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...9/6

Tennessee sustainability report to be released Sept. 11

(Vanderbilt University) The effects of climate change will have widespread impact on the state, but there are opportunities to offset it by incorporating "climate-friendly" and "climate-resilient" actions into routine management decisions, say scientists from Vanderbilt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, University of Memphis and the Tennessee Department of Health in a new report...9/6


Partnering to Create an Energy Efficient Data Center

( with Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Intel Corporation, the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is creating a new energy-efficient, high-performance computer (HPC) system in Golden, Colorado, to help increase efficiency and lower costs for clean energy technology research...9/6

Energy Department says ethanol margins squeezed

(DesMoines Register) The U.S. Department of Energy this week confirmed what Iowa ethanol producers have known for several months, that a combination of high corn prices and lower ethanol prices have squeezed profit margins...9/5

State & Regional

TN prisoners serve less time than those in most states

(The Tennessean) Tennessee's prisoners have had some of the shortest stays in prison over the past two decades when compared with other states, according to a recent report by the Pew Center on the States...9/7


US Faces Deadline on Haqqani Network Decision

(ABC News) The Obama administration faces a weekend deadline to decide whether the Pakistan-based Haqqani network should be declared a terrorist organization, a complicated political decision as the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan and pushes for a reconciliation pact to end more than a decade of warfare...9/7

Payroll growth seen tepid, may force Fed's hand

(Reuters) The labor market likely took a step back in August, an outcome that could compel the Federal Reserve to pump additional money into the sluggish economy...9/7

East Tennessee

Spill site continues to show elevated high levels of E-coli

(WATE) A crash in Morristown earlier this week caused a domino effect that's still going on today.  It started with an SUV hitting a utility pole Monday night that knocked out power to a sewage pumping facility - which then dumped untreated sewage into a nearby stream...9/6

science & technology

Super volcano in Hong KongNew Supervolcano Found in Hong Kong

(National Geographic) Much of Hong Kong and its Victoria Harbour, including this rocky islet, lies atop the remnants of an ancient supervolcano with an 11-mile (18 kilometer) wide caldera, Chinese authorities revealed last week. But even though the volcano has produced some gigantic eruptions, it poses no risk to today's millions of Hong Kong residents...9/6

Xing XuChina's dinosaur hunter: The ground breaker

(Nature) Palaeontologist Xing Xu bends low over a beautifully preserved specimen of the ancient bird species Sapeornis, entombed in a glass museum cabinet in Shandong Province, China. The bird's spindly legs stretch as if it were about to stride forward, even though the creature has been dead for more than 110 million years...

planetsStellar makeup impacts habitable zone evolution

(PhysOrg) Astrobiologists and planetary scientists agree that a planet's distance from its parent star is of paramount importance for creating those optimum conditions. A new study by Arizona State University researchers suggests that the host star's chemical makeup can also impact conditions of habitability of planets that orbit them...9/7

Other Stories

Internet RouterDoes the Internet Have a 'Kill Switch'?

(Discovery News) It’s an enticing premise out of a James Bond film: a device somewhere that, with the flick of a switch or the press of a button (or, somewhat more realistically, a typed code on a computer), can bring the World Wide Web to a sudden halt against an impenetrable wall of 404 Error codes...9/6


Out there

Emily Jordan and Cindy Reutzel Grandma gives birth to her own grandchild

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Setting foot in a hospital again, Emily and Mike Jordan couldn't help but feel anxious. More than two years before, at age 29, Emily had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. But just before she was to undergo a radical hysterectomy, she was told that she was pregnant.