Thursday, September 12, 2013
ORNL in the News

ORNL employees assist U.S. with destruction of chemical weapons

(WATE-TV) As chemical weapons make headlines with the evolving crisis in Syria, 6 News spoke with experts at ORNL about the threat the chemicals pose and how the U.S. is working to destroy its own stockpile. Greg Zimmerman, the leader for the ORNL Human Health Risk & Environmental Analysis group, said the U.S. is currently in possession of about 3,500 tons of chemical weapons, though the U.S. has never used them...9/10

A 'sponge' path to better catalysts and energy materials

(PhysOrg) Scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science's Oak Ridge and Argonne National Laboratories, Northwestern University, and Hokkaido University have developed a new oxygen "sponge" that can easily absorb or shed oxygen atoms at low temperatures. Materials with these novel characteristics would be useful in devices such as rechargeable batteries, sensors, gas converters, and fuel cells...9/10

State & Regional

Dr. Marilyn Brown tapped for TVA board

(Times Free Press) Dr. Marilyn Brown is returning to the Tennessee Valley Authority board nine months after her presidential reappointment as TVA director was held up by Tennessee's U.S. senators...9/12

Architecture Professors to Present on Solar House at Science Forum

(Tennessee Today) ...Amy Howard, architect and director of development, and James Rose, adjunct assistant professor and interim director of the Institute for Smart Structures, will present “The UT Solar House—A Prototype for Zero-Energy Living,” on Friday, September 13....9/11

East Tennessee

New airport in west Oak Ridge could feature small business jets, 5,000-foot runway

(Oak Ridge Today) The airport proposed at Heritage Center in west Oak Ridge could feature a 5,000-foot runway, accommodate all but the largest business jets, and cost between $35 million and $45 million...9/10


Energy Secretary Moniz Dedicates Clean Energy Research Center, New Supercomputer

( During a visit to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today dedicated the nation’s first major research facility focused on clean energy grid integration and wide-scale deployment...9/11

Final phase of K-25 demolition set to begin

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Demolition of the last section of the K-25 uranium-enrichment building that’s still standing — comprising six of the original 54 processing units — is scheduled to begin on or before Sept. 1...9/11


U.S. seeks quick proof Syria ready to abandon chemical weapons

(Reuters) The United States will insist that Syria take rapid steps to show it is serious about abandoning its vast chemical arsenal, senior U.S. officials said, as Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Geneva on Thursday for talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov...9/12


energy & science policy

More cuts loom for US science

(Nature) Stalemate in Congress puts spending plans on hold...9/11

science & technology

Grey wolves left out in the cold

(Nature) ...After decades of federal protection and re­introduction programmes, the US Fish and Wildlife Service undertook a comprehensive review, which found that wolf populations near the western Great Lakes and the northern Rocky Mountains had recovered sufficiently to warrant removing ESA protection...9/10

Discovery Of Massive Aquifers Could Be Game Changer For Kenya

(NPR) ...The aquifers, located hundreds of feet underground in the Turkana region that borders Ethiopia and South Sudan, contain billions of gallons of water, according to UNESCO, which confirmed the existence of the subterranean lakes discovered with the help of a French company using technology originally designed to reveal oil deposits...9/11

NATO Tests Electromagnetic Beam To Stop Suicide Bombers

(Popular Science) NATO is developing a device that stops suicide bombers' vehicles before they can reach their targets...The high-intensity electromagnetic beam stops a vehicle by interfering with its controls and turning off its engine...9/11

Secrets of Fracking Fluids Pave Way for Cleaner Recipe

Scientific American) Disclosure of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing could empower green chemistry...9/11

Other Stories

Moto X plant seen as harbinger of more US manufacturing

(McClatchy Tribune) ...“There are 150 million smartphones in the U.S. today, and not one of them is built here,” said Woodside, chief executive of Libertyville, Ill.-based Motorola Mobility...9/11

With a Curl of Steam, North Korean Nuclear Reactor Back Online: Report

(Time) ...On Thursday, a satellite image revealed a faint white discoloration, believed to be a curl of steam, rising out of a building near the reactor’s steam turbines and electric generators...9/12