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Sen. Lamar Alexander: Funding would support Titan as a 30-petaflops supercomputer

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Earlier this summer, top Oak Ridge National Laboratory officials said funding would determine the capabilities of Titan, ORNL's next great supercomputer from Cray. ORNL Director Thom Mason and Deputy Director Thomas Zacharia said the machine could be anywhere from a 10- to a 30-petaflops computer, depending on how much federal funding was available to pay for developing the system to carry out high-challenge science...9/12

Forecasting Human Behavior by Supercomputing Global News

(Science Daily) A paper published September 7 in the peer-reviewed journal First Monday combines advanced supercomputing with a quarter-century of worldwide news to forecast and visualize human behavior, from civil unrest to the movement of individuals...Funded by the National Science Foundation and managed by the University of Tennessee's Remote Data Analysis and Visualization Center, the Nautilus supercomputer is a part of the National Institute for Computational Sciences network of advanced computing resources at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...9/8


IEA cuts oil demand growth forecasts for 2011, 2012

(Reuters Africa) World oil consumption will increase more slowly than expected this year and next as the pace of global economic growth eases, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Tuesday...The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and the U.S. Department of Energy have both cut their forecasts for global oil demand growth this month...9/13

Yucca Mountain ProtestersHow Dead Is Yucca Mountain?

(New York Times) The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has voted to kill Yucca Mountain again, sort of. The project has become more complex than nuclear physics. Yucca Mountain, a volcanic structure 100 miles from Las Vegas, was the government's lead candidate for a nuclear waste repository...9/12

East Tennessee

TN colleges ranked among nation's best

(Tennessean) Several Tennessee universities received high regional rankings in U.S. News & World Report's annual list of the nation's best postsecondary schools, being released today. Six Tennessee universities made the top 50 for the South: Belmont at No. 7, Union at No. 15, Lipscomb at No. 19, Christian Brothers at No. 24, and Freed-Hardeman and Tennessee Tech, tied at No. 39...9/13


House to Vote on Bill to Block Government Case Against Boeing

(Fox News) House Republicans, angry over the government's labor dispute with Boeing Co., are taking up a bill that would prohibit the National Labor Relations Board from ordering any company to close plants or relocate workers, even if a company flouts labor laws...9/13

Geithner heads to Europe as debt fears mount

(Reuters) Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner makes a one-day trip to Poland this week for an unprecedented meeting with euro zone finance ministers as growing fears of a potential Greek debt default rip into Europe's banking sector...9/13

GOP DebatePerry finds himself under siege from Romney, others during Fla. debate

(Washington Post) Texas governor is pilloried for positions on Social Security, vaccinations for young girls and immigration policies he has supported in his state...9/13

State & Regional

New Knox County library policy restricts access for sex offenders

(WATE) The Knox County Public Library has a new policy to comply with a new state law restricting access for registered Tennessee sex offenders. Public libraries now have the authority to restrict access for registered offenders, under the new law. ...9/12


energy & science policy

Inside Energy Extra

9/12 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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  • Bingaman opposes grid-authority switch
  • BOEMRE appoints leaders ahead of split
  • Hill urged to step up on pipe safety
  • RNC calls for documents on Solyndra
  • Lab sees gains for wind power from cars


science & technology

'Super-Earth,' 1 of 50 Newfound Alien Planets, Could Potentially Support Life

(Yahoo News) More than 50 new alien planets — including one so-called super-Earth that could potentially support life — have been discovered by an exoplanet-hunting telescope from the European Southern Observatory (ESO). The newfound haul of alien planets includes 16 super-Earths, which are potentially rocky worlds that are more massive than our planet...9/12

Quitting Smoking Enhances Personality Change

(Science Daily) University of Missouri researchers have found evidence that shows those who quit smoking show improvements in their overall personality...9/12

CRESST Dark Matter DetectorShedding light on the mystery of dark matter

(Nature News) Physicists last week announced evidence that particles of dark matter — the invisible, hypothetical material believed to make up more than 80% of the mass of the Universe — may have a lower mass than suspected...9/13

Germinid MeteorMeteors Delivered Gold to Baby Earth, New Study Hints

(National Geographic) Not all that glitters is gold. But Earth would have a lot less of the glittery stuff if not for a massive rain of meteors about 3.9 billion years ago, according to a new study. Based on analysis of some of the world's oldest rocks, scientists have the first direct evidence that a cataclysmic meteor shower changed early Earth's chemical composition...9/7

Other Stories

World Trade Center MemorialSeptember 11 memorial at World Trade Center opens to public

(Reuters) Thousands of people visited the National September 11th Memorial at the site of the World Trade Center that was opened to the public for the first time on Monday...9/13