Friday, September 13, 2013
ORNL in the News

AquasensorSecureWaters Pioneers New Way to Communicate with Water

(Fort Mill Times) SecureWaters announced the launch of AquaSentinel, a new bio-sensor device that will provide widespread water quality data, giving water a global voice...Due to fear of biological terrorist attacks following Sept. 11, 2001, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funded the development by Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Biosciences Division of the technological process behind AquaSentinel...9/12

Rice PaddyToxic Methylmercury-Producing Microbes More Widespread Than Realized

(PhysOrg) Microbes that live in rice paddies, northern peat bogs and other previously unexpected environments are among the bacteria that can generate highly toxic methylmercury, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center have learned...9/12


Y-12Nation's bloated nuclear spending comes under fire

(WNEM) At Los Alamos National Laboratory, a seven-year, $213 million upgrade to the security system that protects the lab's most sensitive nuclear bomb-making facilities doesn't work...9/13

Energy Department and Environmental Protection Agency Release Fuel Economy Tool for Used Vehicles

( As part of the Obama Administration’s ongoing efforts to increase fuel efficiency, reduce carbon pollution and address climate change, the U.S. Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today released a new label that features EPA fuel economy estimates and CO2 estimates for used vehicles sold in the United States since 1984...9/12


Drought worsens in Midwest, South; affects crops

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) The combination of heat and scarce amounts of rain intensified the drought in several agriculturally significant states, contributing to declining crop conditions in parts of the Midwest and South...9/12

U.S.-Russia talks on Syria chemical arsenal begin on tense note

(The Washington Post) U.S.-Russia talks over eliminating Syria’s chemical weapons began here Thursday on a wary and stilted note, as Secretary of State John F. Kerry said U.S. military forces remain poised to attack Syria if a credible agreement is not rapidly reached and implemented....9/13

State & Regional

TN loses out on federal funds over weak texting law

(The Tennessean) Tennessee is missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funds because its state law banning texting while driving is not strong enough...9/12

energy & science policy

Delaying Climate Policy Would Triple Short-Term Mitigation Costs

(Science Daily) Higher costs would in turn increase the threshold for decision-makers to start the transition to a low-carbon economy. Thus, to keep climate targets within reach it seems to be most relevant to not further postpone mitigation, the researchers conclude...9/12

European Science PolicyPolicy: A single market for European research

(Nature News) European collaboration is not far behind that in the United States, but there is still work to be done on cross-border funding and financial inequalities, says Paul Boyle...9/11

science & technology

Voyager 1Voyager 1 Leaves Solar System, NASA Confirms

(National Geographic) It's official: Voyager 1 has slipped from the solar system. Launched in 1977, Voyager 1 traveled past Jupiter and Saturn and is now more than 11.66 billion miles (18.67 billion kilometers) from the sun, becoming the first spacecraft to enter interstellar space...9/12

Centipede with TrilobiteEvolution’s Clock Ticked Faster at the Dawn of Modern Animals

(Science Magazine) Five hundred thirty million years ago, the number and diversity of life forms on Earth mushroomed. This so-called Cambrian explosion kept Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, awake at night, as he worried that his theory of natural selection couldn’t explain the sudden proliferation of species...9/13

Man in Gas MaskFYI: How Do You Dispose Of Chemical Weapons?

(Popular Science) In the midst of a particularly brutal civil war, international attention focused on the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons against civilians. With a potential deal on the table for Russia to take and store Syria's chemical weapons, here is a look at what chemical weapons are, and what it takes to safely dispose of them...9/11

Other Stories

Women regain lost jobs; men still short 2.1M

(CBS News) U.S. women have recovered all the jobs they lost to the Great Recession. The same can't be said for men, who remain 2.1 million jobs short. The biggest factor is that men dominate construction and manufacturing -- industries that have not recovered millions of jobs lost during the downturn...9/12