Monday, Septembeer 16, 2013
ORNL in the News

ORNL’s Stuart Daw elected chemical engineering fellow

(Oak Ridge Today) C. Stuart Daw of Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been elected fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers...Daw, a UT-Battelle Corporate Fellow, works in the U.S. Department of Energy lab’s Energy and Transportation Science Division...9/13

Toxic methylmercury-producing microbes more widespread than realized

(PhysOrg) Microbes that live in rice paddies, northern peat bogs and other previously unexpected environments are among the bacteria that can generate highly toxic methylmercury, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center have learned...9/12


Around the world with ITER

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) is a monster-sized project that is being constructed at Cadarache, France, but components for the fusion reactor are being manufactured around the world...9/14

Critics question 'green loans,' but US points to the numbers

(CNBC) The Department of Energy's loan guarantee program for alternative energy companies has been hit by some high-profile failures. Yet the agency is sticking by its guns, even as the overall green sector comes under scrutiny...9/14

State & Regional

Chattanooga ranks as 4th tidiest U.S. city

(Times Free Press) ...The Scenic City now ranks fourth among "The Tidiest Towns in America," according to The website devoted to keeping things organized says Chattanooga loves to open its wallet for a cleaner living space...9/14


White House Takes Stock Of Financial Crisis Five Years Later

(NPR) Five years ago this week, Lehman Brothers collapsed, and America's financial crisis began. On Monday morning, President Obama will mark the anniversary with a speech in the White House Rose Garden...9/15

East Tennessee

Knox County may become home to new Tennessee state park

(WATE-TV) Tennessee could soon have a brand new state park in Knox County. Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge sits along the French Broad River in East Knox County between Seymour and Kodak...9/15

McClung Museum Hosts Fiftieth Anniversary Lecture by Geology Expert

(Tennessee Today) The McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture will continue its fiftieth anniversary celebration on September 18 with a lecture about the shaping of eastern North America’s landscape...9/13

energy & science policy

An Unusual Public Battle Over an Energy Nomination

(NY Times) The coal industry, feeling threatened by federal efforts to promote wind and solar power, has opened a counterattack by opposing President Obama’s nomination of a renewable electricity advocate to head the federal agency with jurisdiction over power lines...9/15

science & technology

Graphene makes light work of optical signals

(Nature) Graphene is already revered for its remarkable strength and electrical conductivity — properties that have sent researchers scrambling to use it in applications from tennis rackets to flexible electronics...9/15

Super Efficient Combustion Engine Emits Half the Carbon Dioxide

(Science Daily) Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed an internal combustion engine that emits less than half the CO2 compared to a regular engine without compromising performance...9/12

Remote Antarctic Trek Reveals A Glacier Melting From Below

(NPR) After several years planning the difficult mission, scientists successfully drilled through Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier. They were stunned by what they found, and worry global sea levels could be at risk...9/15

What's Worse Than an Oil Spill? A Molasses Spill

(The Atlantic) Thousands of fish — gasping desperately, then floating lifelessly — surfaced in Honolulu Harbor this week, suffering from oxygen deprivation caused by a massive molasses spill...9/13

Other Stories

Engineers start ambitious Costa Concordia salvage off Italian island

(Reuters) Engineering teams began lifting the wrecked Costa Concordia liner upright on Monday, the start of one of the most complex and costly maritime salvage operations ever attempted...9/16