Tuesday, September 24, 2013
ORNL in the News

ORNL, UT receive Energy Department awards for nuclear training, technologies

(Oak Ridge Today) The U.S. Department of Energy on Friday announced more than $60 million in nuclear energy research awards and improvements to university research reactors and infrastructure, including about $1.5 million to Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee...9/23

On frozen pond

(Knoxville News Sentinel) An Oak Ridge environmental project, which involved the years-long freezing of a waste pond at ORNL to stem the leakage and migration of radioactive strontium, is getting new attention because of Japan’s plan to create a wall of ice to help isolate the nuclear releases into the groundwater at the Fukushima nuclear power plant...9/23


Energy Department Invests $60 Million to Train Next Generation Nuclear Energy Leaders, Pioneer Advanced Nuclear Technology

(Energy.gov) Building on President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to continue America’s leadership in clean energy innovation, the Energy Department announced today more than $60 million in nuclear energy research awards and improvements to university research reactors and infrastructure...9/20

State & Regional

TVA to begin projects to reduce emissions at Gallatin coal plant

(The Tennessean) At 370 feet tall, the new chimney set to rise in the coming weeks over the Tennessee Valley Authority’s coal-burning power plant near Gallatin will be visible for miles around...9/23


Russia says talks with U.S. on Syria rocky, fears use of force

(Reuters) Talks between Russia and the United States on the conflict in Syria are not going very smoothly and Moscow is concerned a chemical weapons deal may have only delayed U.S. military action, a senior Russian diplomat said on Tuesday...9/24

East Tennessee

Pellissippi Place receives $1.4M federal grant

(WBIR-TV) ...The Blount Partnership received a $1.4 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration to help cover construction costs to extend a roadway in Pellissippi Place...9/4

Researchers Use Supercomputing Power to Simulate Supercell Thunderstorms

(Tennessee Today) Tornado forecasting remains a persistent challenge. Researchers using supercomputers at the National Institute for Computational Sciences are trying to change this...9/23

energy & science policy

Shale gas, oil reshape world energy landscape

(PhysOrg) After unleashing an energy revolution in the United States, shale gas and oil are now becoming energy game-changers worldwide, a break with the past whose ramifications are still unclear...9/24

science & technology

Chemical Disarmament Won’t Be Easy

(NY Times) ...The bill now stands at $35.4 billion, with no end in sight, for an epic of chemical destruction involving not just this Washington neighborhood of ambassadors and former presidents, but hundreds of sites nationwide, from a giant incinerator in Utah to a weapons dump in Alabama more than five miles long...9/24

How Many Scientists Does It Take To Write A Climate Report?

(NPR) Scientists and government representatives are meeting in Stockholm this week to produce the latest high-level review of climate change. It's thousands of pages of material, and if it's done right, it should harbor very few surprises...9/24

Don't panic: Earth has at least 1.75 billion years to go, scientists say

(CS Monitor) A team of British researchers has developed a model for determining how long a planet can expect to be within its sun’s habitable zone before the brightening star cooks the planet's liquid water into steam...9/19

Other Stories

China Gains New Friends in Its Quest for Energy

(NY Times) On the northern reaches of the Caspian Sea, not far from this old Soviet town known for its oil and sturgeon, lies a vast new oil find, the biggest outside the Middle East. China was rebuffed when it asked for a stake 10 years ago...9/23

Obama and Rouhani: A Handshake that Could Shake the World

(Time) A greeting between Obama and Iran's new President at the U.N. on Tuesday would be only a symbolic act. But when it comes to international diplomacy, symbolism can go a long way...9/24