Monday, September 26, 2011
ORNL in the News

Fiber FactoryGetting The Steel Out

(Chemical & Engineering News) Automakers are increasingly looking to combine emission-limiting propulsion technologies with stiff, lightweight carbon composite frames...The U.S. government is also flexing its muscle to push carbon fiber technology. Oak Ridge National Laboratory has spent a decade on developing alternative carbon fiber feedstocks and lower energy fiber production processes...9/26

Why Is Carbon Fibre So Expensive?

(Gizmodo) When carbon fibre was first trotted out in solid-rocket motor cases and tanks in the 1960s, it was poised to not only take on fibreglass, but also a whole host of other materials. What happened?... “The final product will cost double what you started with because half burns off”, explains Bob Norris of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s polymer matrix composites group.


(State Democratic Assembly) Tennessee House and Senate Democrats spent all of Friday in Knoxville speaking to business owners throughout the city as their statewide jobs tour explored emerging career fields. “All of the companies we visited would either not exist or not be nearly as successful without the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory,” said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner.”...9/24

ORNL Director Thom Mason: 'My science output is not zero, but it's awfully close'

(Knoxville News Sentinel) When Thom Mason's name was raised as one of the potential candidates for lab director at Lawrence Livermore, some folks questioned his lack of experience in the nuclear weapons business...Lab directing is pretty much a full-time job, the ORNL chief emphasized. "My science output is not zero, but it's awfully close," he said....9/24


Data CentersData Center Celebrates 20 Years of Delivering Savings

( Many great technology stories have started with just one humble computer and a desk. Twenty years ago this month, the Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicle Data Center (AFDC) started just this way at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)...9/23

Just in Case Facility at Y-12Y-12 eliminates 'Just In Case' facility

(Knoxville News Sentinel) During the last half of the Cold War, the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant maintained a little facility known as "Just In Case."...9/26

State & Regional

Food stamps become big business in TN

(Tennessean) It was another bustling Thursday at the Tennessee Department of Human Services office in Nashville, with recession victims filling chairs and waiting for two hours or more to see what help they could get...9/26


Freed hikers recount 2 years of 'lies and false hope'

(CNN) (Video at link) Safely back on American soil, freed Americans Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer on Sunday recounted their two years in "a world of lies and false hope" behind the walls of an Iranian prison....9/26

Flood VictimsFlood Victims Getting Fed Up With Congress

(New York Times) Standing in the living room of their house, now full of mud, slime and debris, Helen and Peter Kelly cannot believe that Congress is bickering over disaster aid to people like them...9/25

Fragile U.S.-Pakistan Relations On Downward Spiral

(NPR) The fragile and troubled relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan is on a deep, downward spiral. Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said last week that Pakistan's intelligence agency had a role in several high-profile attacks in Afghanistan, including the attack earlier this month on the U.S. embassy in Kabul...9/26

energy & science policy

Inside Energy Extra

9/23 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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  • $100M cut in DOE loan aid sought
  • Bush ozone standard ready to go
  • Subsidies for green power said higher
  • Fukushima a wakeup call: UN chief


science & technology

Exoplanet's misstep raises doubts

(Nature News) As astronomers continue to rack up exoplanet discoveries by the dozen (see Nature 477 , 383–384; 2011), the precise status of just one may not seem like much to fret over. But Fomalhaut b is different...9/23

DNA ExtractionAsia Was Settled in Multiple Waves of Migration, DNA Study Suggest

(Science Daily) An international team of researchers studying DNA patterns from modern and archaic humans has uncovered new clues about the movement and intermixing of populations more than 40,000 years ago in Asia...9/22

After 3 years, Boeing Dreamliner becomes reality

(Reuters) Boeing's long-awaited dream machine became a commercial reality on Sunday when the lightweight plastic-composites 787 Dreamliner was formally delivered to its first Japanese customer...9/26


Other Stories

The Apple effect: How Steve Jobs & Co. won over the world

(Christian Science Monitor) The one and only time I met Steve Jobs was back in 1991. I was managing editor of the Harvard Business Review (HBR), and I'd made the trip from Boston to Silicon Valley to see for myself what was going on. I'd just wrapped up a presentation in one of the classrooms at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., when Mr. Jobs materialized and started a conversation...9/17

Companies Look to Improve Facebook Policies Amid Surge of Complaints

(FoxNews) In the age of instant tweets and impulsive Facebook posts, some companies are still trying to figure out how they can limit what their employees say about work online without running afoul of the law...9/26