Wednesday, September 26, 2012
ORNL in the News

David ArakawaORNL's Arakawa gets Secretarial Award

(Knoxville News Sentinel) David Arakawa, who managed the SING (Spallation Neutron Source Instruments-Next Generation) project at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was among the employees who recently received awards from Secretary of Energy Steven Chu for efforts to save cost and streamline operations...9/25

Neutron detector developed for use at SNS licensed to Indiana firm; specially adapted for biological studies

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Neutron-Sensitive Anger Camera, a neutron detector system developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has been licensed to PartTec Ltd., an Indiana-based company that manufactures radiation detection equipment. The company is expected to move the technology into the commercial marketplace, emphasizing its capabilities for studies related to human disease and associated fields...


Student helps design game for Department of Energy

(The Penn) Android and iOS users should be on the lookout for this sometime next month; because of the assistance of an IUP staudent and other individuals, the U.S. Department of Energy will be releasing a game for those mobile device platforms...9/25

Tesla's Model S production behind schedule; company cuts revenue forecast and stock slides

(Mercury News) ...Tesla also revealed plans to shore up its balance sheet and raise at least $128 million through the sale of an additional 4.3 million shares of stock, and to make changes to the terms of its $465 million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy...9/25

East Tennessee

Developers seek $1.5 mil from city for University Commons

(WBIR) The developers of a project that would bring Publix and Walmart to a site near UT's campus are three million dollars short in funding. Developer Jim Harrison with University Commons said his team received $5 million less in New Market Federal Tax Credits than it had previously been expecting...9/2


Obama: U.S. will "do what we must" to curb Iran nuclear bid

(Reuters) President Barack Obama warned Iran on Tuesday the United States will "do what we must" to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon and said time was running short for diplomacy but ignored the Israeli prime minister's demand to set a "red line" for Tehran...9/25

Dow drops 100 after Fed official's warning

(AP) A quiet day on Wall Street turned into the worst sell-off in three months after a Federal Reserve official said he doubted the bank's effort to boost economic growth would work...9/25

Chris StevensCNN Defends Reporting On Slain Ambassador's Diary

(NPR) CNN is defending itself against accusations from the U.S. State Department that it trampled on the wishes of the family of the slain U.S. ambassador to Libya in reporting on his fears of a terrorist attack before his death...9/25

science & technology

Focus CamerasRetailers to add radical 'focus later' camera

(PhysOrg) A radical camera that lets users adjust the focus after taking pictures will be available in October at shops in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States. The move announced on Tuesday marked an expansion for the Lytro, which began shipping in March but has been available only by order on the Internet...9/25

Feather finds hint at Neandertal art

(Science News) Neandertals may not have painted pictures on cave walls, but a new study proposes they had an artistic sensibility. These close Stone Age relatives of people regularly made personal and possibly ritual ornaments that included bird feathers...9/24

Graphene SpeakerClear, Flexible Speakers Made from Graphene

(Discovery News) Carbon was first used in microphones and speakers in the form of grains. Now it has a new form: layers only a couple of atoms thick, generating sound from heat. It's called thermoacoustic sound, and it dispenses with the bulky magnets that ordinary speakers need and allows for speakers that are nearly any shape and size...9/25

Other Stories

Household Incomes Fall In Aug., Down 8.2% Under Obama

(Investor's Business Daily) In another sign that the economic recovery under President Obama is not producing gains for average Americans, median household incomes fell 1.1% in August to $50,678, according to a report released Tuesday by Sentier Research...9/25

SAT, ACT: Most high school kids lack skills for college

(USA Today) More than half of 2012 high school graduates who took a college entrance exam did not have all of the skills they will need to succeed in college, or a career, a pair of recent reports conclude...9/25

Out there

Puffer CircleAmazing underwater 'crop circles' spun by Japanese puffer fish

(Mother Nature Network) Underwater photographer Yoji Ookata has spent 50 years exploring the ocean depths, but the sight of massive underwater patterns resembling the crop circles celebrated by UFO enthusiasts still managed to surprise him. The "mystery circle" as he called it was more than six feet in diameter and contained intricate patterns of ridges and radiating out from the center...9/25