Thursday, September 26, 2013
ORNL in the News

Next-generation nuclear fuel withstands high-temperature accident conditions

(SPI World News) A safer and more efficient nuclear fuel is on the horizon. A team of researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have reached a new milestone with tristructural-isotropic ) fuel, showing that this fourth-generation reactor fuel might be even more robust than previously thought...9/25

Aluminum Way To Go Per Oak Ridge National Laboratory

(Hybrid Cars) Opting for aluminum over steel in new automobile construction to improve fuel economy is also the best way to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, according to a new study by the United States Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory...9/20


House Republicans explore strategy to avoid federal government shutdown

(Washington Post) With federal agencies set to close their doors in five days, House Republicans began exploring a potential detour on the path to a shutdown: shifting the fight over President Obama’s health-care law to a separate bill that would raise the nation's debt limit...9/25


GAO denies second protest on Y-12/Pantex award

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Government Accountability Office (GAO) today denied or dismissed elements of the follow-up protest that Nuclear Production Partners — one of the losing bidders on the $22 billion combined management contract for the Y-12 and Pantex nuclear weapons facilities – filed in June...9/24

State & Regional

TVA sells $1 billion of debt at 1.75 percent

(Times Free Press) Despite concerns over the approaching federal debt limit and lagging power sales, the Tennessee Valley Authority still was able to borrow money Wednesday at one of its lowest rates ever...9/26

East Tennessee

TVA designates Oak Ridge a ‘platinum’ community

(Oak Ridge Today) The City of Oak Ridge has achieved platinum status in the Tennessee Valley Authority’s new “Valley Sustainable Communities” program. This designation will enhance the city’s competitiveness for new investments and jobs when companies are looking to grow in new or expanded locations...9/23

World-Renowned Mars Expert to Present at Science Forum

(Tennessee Today) The asteroid Vesta and the Dawn mission that uncovered its mysteries will be the topic of Friday’s Science Forum. Hap McSween, Chancellor’s Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, will present “Exploring the Asteroid Vesta: NASA’s Dawn Mission.”...9/24

energy & science policy

US extends life of helium reserve

(Nature) The US House of Representatives voted unanimously yesterday to delay closing the world's only strategic helium reserve, averting a potential supply crisis. But the move will not make life much easier for researchers who are already struggling to cope with rising helium costs...9/26

science & technology

Seeing Light in a New Light: Scientists Create Never-Before-Seen Form of Matter

(Science Daily) Harvard and MIT scientists are challenging the conventional wisdom about light, and they didn't need to go to a galaxy far, far away to do it...9/25

Scientists Build First Nanotube Computer

(Wall Street Journal) In an advance toward a future of smaller, faster and more powerful electronics, researchers at Stanford University on Wednesday unveiled the first working computer built entirely from carbon nanotube transistors...9/25

Wild Weather Tied To Unusual Jet Stream Activity

(NPR) There has been a lot of extreme weather in the Northern Hemisphere this year, including the recent torrential rains in Colorado, flooding in Europe, bitter cold in Florida and a heat wave in Alaska. And scientists say all of it is related to some odd behavior by the powerful air currents called the polar jet stream...9/25

Other Stories

Monthly EV Sales Shatter Records

( On September 5, media outlets reported that US monthly electric vehicle (EV) sales shattered the 10,000 unit barrier. Cumulative EV sales for August are estimated at 11,363 -- a 30 percent increase over the previous monthly record and a 75 percent increase since the same time last year...9/25