Tuesday, October 1, 2013
ORNL in the News

HPC goes to SPE ACCE

(Composites World) ...Volkswagen AG’s Hendrik Mainka said his work with Oak Ridge National Lab shows that lignin precursor and the process of oxidation and pyrolization that converts it to carbon fiber spells cost savings of 40 percent...9/30

With shutdown looming, DOE expects to keep operating for now

(Oak Ridge Today) ...Last week, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Director Thom Mason said employees of UT-Battelle, which manages the lab, should report to work Tuesday, Oct. 1, even if the government shuts down. Mason said ORNL has enough funding to continue operations at the start of the new federal fiscal year...9/30


Federal Government Begins First Shutdown In 17 Years

(Forbes) The Federal government headed into its first partial shutdown in 17 years as Congress failed to pass any federal spending bills for fiscal 2014, which began at 12:00 A.M., Tuesday, Oct. 1...10/1


Department of Energy Implementation Activities in the Case of a Lapse of Appropriations

(Energy.gov) DOE has a written Order entitled Plan for Operating in the event of a Lapse in Appropriations (DOE Order 137.1B), that addresses its plan and procedures...9/27

Y-12 & Pantex contracts extended through January

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Steven Wyatt of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Production Office today confirmed that the management contracts at the Y-12 and Pantex nuclear weapons plants have been extended through Jan. 31, 2014...9/30

East Tennessee

Rocky Top theme park proposed in Lake City

(Oak Ridge Today) A new theme park proposed for Lake City could prove to be an economic boon but before anything can happen, the developer wants the city to change its name...9/30

How a government shutdown would affect East Tennessee

(WBIR-TV) ...Locally, a shutdown won't impact operations or employees of the Tennessee Valley Authority because the self-financed agency receives no federal money. At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, staff will report to work as usual...9/30

UT Professor Receives NSF Award to Investigate Mysterious Clams That Are Key to Biodiversity

(Tennessee Today) Millions of unique clams lie in seagrass beds worldwide. Despite their having being around for millions of years, little is known about them except that they are resilient and key to coastal biodiversity...9/30

energy & science policy

Business Aims to Replace Diesel as Fuel for Trucking

(Scientific American) Through their control over transport and logistics operations, companies have the power to make deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, but business leaders are being wary as they select from a wide array of alternative fuels and technologies...9/30

Change is in the wind, offshore

(Fortune) In early July, British Prime Minister David Cameron cut the ribbon on the world's largest offshore wind farm -- a project, known as the London Array...9/19

science & technology

How the Shutdown Will Affect One Quiet, Crucial Set of Satellites

(The Atlantic) Not all of the programs operated by the U.S. government are household names, like Social Security or “Obamacare.” But some, even if little-known, are world-historic in scope and vision. One of these is the Landsat program...9/30

A Powerful Particle Accelerator The Size Of A Speck Of Glitter

(Popular Science) This little chip may be hardly the size of a speck of glitter, but don't underestimate what it can do. It's actually a particle accelerator that is able to boost electrons at a rate 10 times greater than a conventional accelerator, all in a millimeters-long package...9/30

Improving Lithium-Ion Batteries With Nanoscale Research

(Science Daily) New research led by an electrical engineer at the University of California, San Diego is aimed at improving lithium-ion batteries through possible new electrode architectures with precise nano-scale designs...9/30

Other Stories

Australia may scale back on marine protection

(Nature) Australia’s new government has confirmed it will be winding back a huge network of marine reserves established last year by the previous administration...9/30