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ORNL shares 3 ARPA-E awards

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) this week announced that funding ($156M) for 60 research projects "aimed at dramatically improving how the U.S. produces and uses energy," and Oak Ridge National Laboratory will lead or participate in three of those projects...10/1

Populus deltoidesGenomic Era Tools Pry Secrets from Plants and their Intimate Microbial Companions

(Decoded Science) Yet another plant has been caught actively recruiting its microbial companions, this time it's an eastern cottonwood tree more formally known as Populus deltoides. Using new high-throughput pyrosequencing of bacterial and fungal rRNA gene markers, Christopher W. Schadt at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and colleagues there as well as Duke University in Durham, North Carolina report that the microbial communities in Populus are distinct assemblages and not passively acquired opportunists from the surrounding soil...9/29

USEC may cut 190 Oak Ridge jobs

(Knoxville News Sentinel) USEC Inc. on Friday notified 190 Oak Ridge employees that they might be laid off a month from now if uncertainty about funding means it has to stop most activity on a uranium enrichment project...10/1

High-performance simulation, neutrons uncover 3 classes of protein motion

(Eurekalert) Molecular motion in proteins comes in three distinct classes, according to a collaboration by researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee...The research team, directed by ORNL-UT Governor's Chairs Jeremy Smith and Alexei Sokolov, combined high-performance computer simulation with neutron scattering experiments to understand atomic-level motions that underpin the operations of proteins...9/29



UT - Y-12Y-12, UT agree to share personnel

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Y-12 National Security Complex and the University of Tennessee this week reached another partnership agreement, this one allowing the formal exchange of personnel. The Joint Assignment Agreement is supposed to help both institutions accomplish goals in technology, business and research...9/29

State & Regional

Voter ID changes could mean long lines in Tennessee

(WATE) The upcoming November election will likely be the last one when Tennessee voters won't be required to show photo IDs. State lawmakers enacted the change earlier this year...9/30



Wall Street ProtestAs Wall Street protest enters 3rd week, movement gains steam nationwide

(CNN) A spirited and leaderless protest in the Wall Street section of New York has entered its third week, helping to inspire a growing number of demonstrations united in their passion if not necessarily their reasons for hitting the streets...10/2

Al-AwlakiJustice Department Gave CIA Approval to Kill Al-Awlaki

(Fox News) The U.S. Justice Department gave the approval to the CIA to kill Anwar al-Awlaki, the charismatic U.S.-born cleric who orchestrated Al Qaeda recruitment from Yemen, by justifying his killing as an act of self-defense, a U.S. official told Fox News...10/2

East Tennessee

Prosecutors: Janous embezzled more than $6 million

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The way a federal prosecutor sees it, one of Knoxville's most notorious embezzlers is an unrepentant liar who lowballed the amount of her thievery, repeatedly tried to escape justice and squandered her employer's money on a life of largesse for her family and even her dogs...10/3

energy & science policy

House Science Committee Roundtable Discusses Proposed Deep Underground Facility

(AIP) Yesterday two members of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee held a roundtable event to hear from twelve physicists about the feasibility of a proposed Department of Energy underground high energy physics facility...9/29

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  • DOE makes final loan guarantee decisions
  • NRC board suspends Yucca review
  • OCS plan proceeds despite agency change
  • 1,300 laid off at DOE Hanford cleanup

science & technology

Immune system discoveries win 2011 medicine Nobel

(Reuters) Three scientists who uncovered key secrets of how the body's immune system works have won the 2011 Nobel prize for medicine or physiology, the prize-awarding institute said on Monday...10/3

The Seven Suns of Rome

(Nature News) Around midday on 24 January 1630, seven suns seemed to blaze over Rome. Many onlookers took the phenomenon as a celestial omen of good or ill fortune, but an adherent of the scientific revolution also took note of the kaleidoscopic sky...9/30

Supernova FactoryAstronomers Reveal Supernova Factory

(Science Daily) A team led by astronomers at Chalmers and Onsala Space Observatory has detected seven previously unknown supernovae in a galaxy 250 million light years away...9/30

Other Stories

Ig Nobel ResearchIg Nobel Prizes to Honor Year's Funniest Scientific Research

(Fox News) Every year in Norway, Nobel Prizes are awarded to scientists who have made outstanding contributions to human knowledge. Also taking place every year, but at a far less formal ceremony in Cambridge, Mass., "Ig Nobel" Prizes are given to scientists who have made outstanding, but also hilarious, contributions to the field...9/29

Netflix foldeersThe Price Isn't Right: What New York Times, Apple and In-N-Out Could Teach Netflix

(Forbes) If you haven't thought much about the debacle at Netflix, you should. What happened was more than a minor public-relations snafu. Netflix stumbled in its pricing—a minefield for any business and the last place you want to make a misstep...9/30