ORNL in the News

New kind of microscope uses neutrons

(Nanowerk News) Researchers at MIT, working with partners at NASA, have developed a new concept for a microscope that would use neutrons — subatomic particles with no electrical charge — instead of beams of light or electrons to create high-resolution images...work, requiring a different spectrum of neutron energies, was carried out at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and at the National Institute of Standards and Technology...10/3

What about the High Flux Isotope Reactor?

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The High Flux Isotope Reactor is currently down for maintenance and refueling, with a scheduled restart date of Oct. 8. I asked about its status — given the funding uncertainties — in an interview Wednesday with Oak Ridge National Laboratory Director Thom Mason...10/3


7 ways the government shutdown impacts New Mexico

(Albuquerque Business First) Thousands of New Mexicans are already seeing furloughs because of the government shutdown that began Tuesday. And, if something isn’t done soon, workers at the state’s national labs could face furloughs, too...10/1

State & Regional

TVA says fiscal 2013 was record year for hydro

(AP) ...During the year ended Monday, TVA's 29 hydroelectric dams provided 18.5 million megawatt-hours of energy. That's enough electricity to serve more than 1.2 million homes in TVA's seven-state region...10/4

TN flexes automotive muscle in South

(The Tennessean) Tennessee leads the South as the supplier base for the automotive industry, and it has weathered the recession well, emerging with a stronger auto sector than it had before...10/3


GOP Begins Search for Broad Deal on Budget

(Wall Street Journal) Senior Republicans in Congress, frustrated over their inability to strike a deal to reopen the government, began shifting from their drive to undercut the 2010 health-care law, which has been the central element of the dispute, toward a broader budget deal...10/3

East Tennessee

UT Research Foundation launches new business plan competition

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The University of Tennessee Research Foundation announced Thursday the formation of a new business plan competition aimed at academic-affiliated startup companies...10/3

Knox County educator named Tennessee Teacher of the Year

(WATE-TV) A Farragut High School teacher won the Tennessee Teacher of the Year Award for 2013...10/3

energy & science policy

Despite Chaos, Department of Energy Moves Forward with Energy Efficiency

(The Energy Collective) The Department of Energy took an important step forward by issuing a proposed rule on energy efficiency standards for furnace fans...10/3

science & technology

Earth’s Oxygen: A Mystery Easy to Take for Granted

(NY Times) To Donald E. Canfield, there’s something astonishing in every breath we take. “People take oxygen for granted because it’s just there and we breathe it all the time,” said Dr. Canfield, a geochemist at the University of Southern Denmark...10/3

Formula predicts research papers' future citations

(Nature) It sounds like a science administrator’s dream — or a scientist's worst nightmare: a formula that predicts how often research papers will be cited...10/3

Construction Begins on New Carbon-Capture Plant

(Scientific American) The Texas plant claims that it will be the world's first commercial carbon dioxide mineralization plant, transforming the greenhouse gas CO2 into baking soda...10/3

The World's Most Fuel-Efficient Car Finally Comes To The U.S.

(Popular Science) Today the world’s most fuel-efficient car, the Volkswagen XL1, made its first U.S. appearance at the 23rd Annual Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee...10/3

Other Stories

Fukushima’s Fallout: The Half-Lives of Nuclear Refugees

(Time) To this day, the plant still leaks toxic, radioactive water and tens of thousands of “nuclear refugees” from nearby towns are still outcasts in their own land...10/3