Monday, October 5, 2015
ORNL in the News

SrTio3ORNL microscopy finds justification of high-temperature superconductivity in singular layer

(Fresh Ghana) An ORNL-University of Rome investigate has delivered approach justification of high-temperature superconductivity during a interface of dual insulating oxide materials. Electron microscopy during ORNL showed that superconductivity arises from oxygen ions (circled in white) that are incorporated into a interface calcium layer....10/4

3-D printed car and home live in symbiotic off-grid harmony

3D Car by Lake(Mother Nature Network) ...the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE) research demonstration unveiled last week at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, is certainly an exciting eye-opener when considering the potential of building homes — and cars, too, in this case — with the assistance of large-scale 3-D printers...9/30

More R&D 100 Awards in the offing for ORNL

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) ...ORNL said it had been informed that 13 lab-linked technologies had been selected as finalists — with Oak Ridge the lead developer on 10 of them and supporting the other three. Among the finalists is the 3-D manufacturing system (Big Area Additive Manufacturing or BAAM) that was submitted by ORNL and Cincinnati Inc. The laboratory also has a prototype in operation at its Manufacturing Demonstration Facility...10/5

US fuel economy data on cars inaccurate and getting worse, study finds

(Reuters) The US government's testing underestimates how much fuel cars will burn on the road, and the problem has gotten worse, according to a study released on Thursday. The release of the study funded by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory comes as regulators in the United States, Canada and Europe tighten their scrutiny of how cars perform in real-world conditions...10/4

Science and Technology

Indian Street SceneIndia unveils climate-change pledge ahead of global talks

(Nature News) India says that it will produce 40% of its energy from sources other than fossil fuels by 2030, and will reduce the intensity of its carbon dioxide emissions by roughly one-third. The country's highly anticipated announcement on 2 October comes ahead of United Nations talks in Paris this December, at which nations hope to reach an updated agreement to fight climate change...10/1

Energy and Science Policy

Smog Over CityNew U.S. ozone standard won’t please greens or industry

(Science Magazine/AAAS) After years of controversy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today tightened its national limits on ground-level ozone pollution, a main contributor to smog. But it has picked a level that the agency's own science advisers have said might not fully protect health and the environment...10/1


Department of Energy creates Center for Computational Materials at Argonne

(University of Chicago News) The invention of groundbreaking new energy technologies will be faster and less costly as scientists use supercomputers to invent new materials and engineer their properties and behavior from basic scientific principles. The revolution of computational materials design is in the making, and on Oct. 1, the U.S. Department of Energy took a firm step toward achieving it in creating the Midwest Integrated Center for Computational Materials at Argonne National Laboratory...10/1

Pantex FlagPantex workers ratify 4-year contract; NNSA chief says plant will ‘return to normal operations soon’

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Pantex contractor Consolidated Nuclear Security said it was informed today that unions had approved a new four-year labor agreement, which means about 1,100 striking workers will return to work Monday...10/4

UC Berkeley to lead study of crop drought tolerance

(Imperial Valley News) UC Berkeley is leading a $12.3 million project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to examine the role of epigenetics in allowing plants to survive in drought conditions, an increasing concern for agriculture as the effects of climate change are felt in California and globally...10/2

LANL running out of room to store its nuclear waste

(Albuquerque Journal) While operations at the nation’s nuclear waste storage facility near Carlsbad remains shut down, Los Alamos National Laboratory is facing a narrowing time frame before it runs out of room to store its waste materials that are supposed to be sent to the closed facility....10/4

Local and State

Off the grid: UT collaborates on future of additive manufacturing

(UT Daily Beacon) Malibu Barbie has a working kitchen and pool house in her three-story mansion, but she probably doesn't have a 3-D printed SUV sitting her garage. Thanks to the Big Area Additive Manufacturing Machine (BAAM) laboratory at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, architects and engineers from UT, ORNL and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) developed the first "energy integrated space" known as Project AMIE — Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy...10/2

Haslam: Hall tax break competes with other budget priorities

(WATE) Republican Gov. Bill Haslam says he agrees with critics of the state’s Hall income tax on earnings from stocks and bonds but argues that the state must balance efforts to do away with the levy with other funding needs in areas like education, roads and health care...10/2