Friday, October 7, 2011
ORNL in the News

The future of the internal combustion engine is bright and clear

(Green Car Congress) David Greene suggested that in the face of the three major energy challenges for the global transportation system—climate change mitigation, energy security, and sustainability—"the number one priority is and should be improving the energy efficiency of the global transportation system."...10/5

Management moves at ORNL

(Knoxville News Sentinel) A couple of management changes announced this week at Oak Ridge National Laboratory....10/6

NIST colleagues congratulate Shechtman on Nobel Chemistry Prize

(EurekAlert) Daniel Shechtman's landmark article reporting five-fold symmetry was published November 12, 1984, in Physical Review Letters. The article cites Camden R. Hubbard, now at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, for X-ray experiments....10/6

US ITER Contract Awarded for ITER Early Delivery Cooling Water System Equipment

(Newswise) The US ITER Project Office at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has awarded a $13.2 million task order to AREVA Federal Services for fabrication of five drain tanks for the ITER tokamak cooling water system....10/6


Amid Solyndra controversy, head of federal loan program resigns

(Washington Post) The head of the Energy Department's embattled loan program announced Thursday that he was stepping down amid an expanding probe of the agency's $535 million loan to a now-shuttered solar company....10/7

Other Stories

Steve Jobs' Greatest Achievements

(Wired) Steve Jobs wasn't just a savvy businessman, he was a visionary who made it his mission to humanize personal computing, rewriting the rules of user experience design, hardware design and software design....10/5



Panel Says U.S. Should Weigh Cost in Deciding 'Essential Health Benefits'

(New York Times) The National Academy of Sciences said the cost of any new benefits that must be provided by insurance plans under the health care overhaul should be "offset by savings" elsewhere....10/7

State & Regional

Amazon deal may shift fight to legislature or Congress

(Tennessean) Gov. Bill Haslam announced Thursday morning that Amazon will begin collecting sales tax from Tennessee customers starting Jan. 1, 2014, in exchange for the state's continued support for its expansion plans....10/7

energy & science policy

White House Orders New Computer Security Rules

(New York Times) After a review of policies that led to the WikiLeaks document disclosures, the White House plans to issue an executive order to set new rules on handling classified information....10/6

science & technology

After Setbacks in Harvesting Stem Cells, a New Approach Shows Promise

(New York Times) Researchers from the New York Stem Cell Foundation Laboratory have, by lucky accident, found a way that stem cells can be harvested....10/5

Crab Pulsar's high-energy beam surprises astronomers

(BBC) Scientists find that gamma rays coming from the Crab Nebula are far more energetic than expected, and higher than our understanding of pulsars can explain....10/6

Where did Earth's water come from? Comet Hartley 2 offers new clues

(Christian Science Monitor) The composition of comet Hartley 2 suggests that comets might have been a bigger source of Earth's water than previously thought. It's also challenging models of solar system formation....10/6

Study: Climate change to impact where wine grapes can grow

(USA Today) To the litany of changes being wrought by global warming, we may be able to add one more: where wine grapes can and can't be grown....10/7

High-purity hydrogen generated from a single device

(PhysOrg) Some scientists in Japan have developed a method for generating hydrogen with a purity of more than 99% within a single membrane, eliminating the need for a separate purification step....10/7

Triple Rainbows Exist, Photo Evidence Shows

(Science Daily) Tertiary rainbows, caused by three reflections of each light ray within a raindrop, have finally been confirmed, thanks to photographic perseverance and a new meteorological model that provides the scientific underpinnings to find them....10/6