ORNL in the News

Manufacturing Can Receive Boost from 3D Printing

(Online Medical Developments) Stratasys officials say manufacturing, with continued industry collaboration, Manufacturing using 3D printing technologies holds significant promise in strengthening U.S. manufacturing competitiveness by transforming how many products are made and increasing supply chain efficiencies...Stratasys is also working with the U.S. Department of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to develop additive manufacturing processes for production use...10/9

RameshGov't shutdown forces Oak Ridge event cancellation

(Oak Ridger) The welcoming reception Thursday set for Ramamoorthy Ramesh, Oak Ridge National Laboratory's deputy for science and technology, has been canceled due to the "trickle down effect" of the government shutdown. Sponsors of the event — Oak Ridge Associated Universities and the East Tennessee Economic Council — will reschedule the reception later...10/10


Y-12 says it beat the dismantlement goal in FY2013

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Before Tuesday’s all-hands meeting, B&W Y-12 General Manager Chuck Spencer cited some of the year’s accomplishments, saying the plant had exceeded goals for dismantlements and surveillances...10/9

Federal contractors, agencies consider shutdowns, furloughs as funding dispute drags on

(Oak Ridge Today) The government shutdown is now in its second week, and the U.S. Department of Energy could start shutting down nonessential operations soon—resulting in employee and contractor furloughs—unless Congress quickly approves a spending bill, officials said Tuesday...10/9

State & Regional

Tennessee Ranked 15th On State Taxes

(The Chattanoogan) The tax climate of Tennessee ranked 15th this year out of all 50 states, according to a new report by the Tax Foundation. The Volunteer State’s rank remains unchanged from 2013 the 2014 State Business Tax Climate Index...10/9




Obama to seek opening with GOP leaders on shutdown

(AP) President Barack Obama is hosting top House Republicans to seek an opening in an impasse that has shuttered much of the government and threatens a catastrophic federal default...10/9

East Tennessee

Y-12 shutdown concerns Oak Ridge businesses

(WBIR) One week after the federal government shut down, the people of East Tennessee are feeling the effects more every day. Monday, the National Nuclear Security Administration ordered one of the most secure sights in the world to scale back its work...10/10

Smoky Mountains shutdown sparks call for protest

(Chattanooga Times-Free Press) The closure of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has sparked a call for a protest. Appalachian artist Jeremiah Spelas told the Knoxville News Sentinel that he is organizing a protest on Saturday at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park entrance sign on Newfound Gap Road...10/19

energy & science policy

Urgent New Time Frame for Climate Change Revealed by Massive Analysis

(Science Daily) The seesaw variability of global temperatures often engenders debate over how seriously we should take climate change. But within 35 years, even the lowest monthly dips in temperatures will be hotter than we've experienced in the past 150 years...10/9

Closed question

(Nature News) On 1 October, lawmakers in Congress, bitterly divided along partisan lines, failed to agree on a new budget. The US government closed. Roughly 800,000 civil servants, including thousands of scientists, were ordered to stay at home. Even accessing their work e-mail would constitute a federal crime, they were told....10/9

science & technology

Scientists Use Blur to Sharpen DNA Mapping

(Science Daily) With high-tech optical tools and sophisticated mathematics, Rice University researchers have found a way to pinpoint the location of specific sequences along single strands of DNA, a technique that could someday help diagnose genetic diseases...10/9

Higgs BosonHiggs Boson Gets Nobel Prize, But Physicists Still Don’t Know What It Means

(WIRED) More than a year ago, scientists found the Higgs boson. This morning, two physicists who 50 years ago theorized the existence of this particle, which is responsible for conferring mass to all other known particles in the universe, got the Nobel, the highest prize in science...10/8

JunoNASA's Juno spacecraft to become fastest man-made object as it slingshots around Earth towards Jupiter

(FoxNews) At 3:21 p.m. (EDT), NASA'S Juno Mission spacecraft will slingshot around Earth towards Jupiter, accelerating to 25 miles per second along the way and becoming the fastest man-made object in history...10/9

Other Stories

Americans Are Way Behind in Math, Vocabulary, and Technology

(The Atlantic) A new global report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development finds that Americans rank well below the worldwide average in just about every measure of skill. In math, reading, and technology-driven problem-solving, the United States performed worse than nearly every other country in the group of developed nations...10/9

Boehner and ObamaObama And Boehner's Shutdown Is Destroying Investors' Confidence In The Market

(Forbes) There is no doubt that the government shutdown that resulted from a standoff between President Obama and Speaker Boehner has affected the economy...10/9