Monday, October 15, 2012
ORNL in the News

New research agreement opens doors for Florida State graduate students

( A new research agreement between Florida State University and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee has opened doors and expanded opportunities for Florida State graduate students pursing higher education in a variety of disciplines...10/15

Radiation Safety Information Computational Center at ORNL marks 50th year

(Oak Ridge Today) One of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s longest-running institutions marked its golden anniversary on Tuesday with a recognition ceremony keynoted by U.S. Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy Peter Lyons, a press release said...10/15



Federal agencies launch Spanish version of

(Oak Ridge Today) Federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Energy, have launched a Spanish version of a scientific website that provides free access to more than 55 scientific databases and 2,100 websites...10/13


State & Regional

Mechatronics at Motlow, Bridgestone, train students for high-tech careers

(Tennessean) For 21-year-old Terrance Payne, the Mechatronics advanced-manufacturing training offered by Motlow State Community College at the Bridgestone plant in La Vergne is a step toward a good-paying job...10/15

TVA pension fund shortfall affecting ratepayers

(Tennessean) A shortfall in the Tennessee Valley Authority's pension fund is affecting electric ratepayers. The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports that TVA has added nearly $1.3 billion from customers to the find since 2008 when investment markets tanked...10/13

Bill to add wilderness areas in Tennessee mired in politics

(Chattanooga Times Free Press) Conservationists are getting antsy that Congress for more than a year has failed to take up a bill that would cost nothing and protect 19,556 acres of Volunteer State wilderness — most of it in Southeast Tennessee...10/15


Wounded Pakistani Girl Sent To U.K. For Treatment

(NPR) Pakistan airlifted a teenage activist who was shot and seriously wounded by the Taliban to the United Kingdom for treatment Monday, a move that will give her access to the specialized medical care she needs to recover and also protect her from follow-up attacks threatened by the militants...10/15


East Tennessee

Haslam says new LMU math, science building will help state's future

(News Sentinel) It is the newest building on Lincoln Memorial University's campus. And it will go a long way in helping Tennessee close a gap with some other states, Governor Bill Haslam said Friday...10/13

Slip Sliding Away: Grease thieves strike East Tennessee

(News Sentinel) Every month in the Southeast, thieves rob Griffin Industries of $1.6 million. So why does Mike McCombs struggle to get law enforcers to care? Because what law enforcement sees as greasy waste is actually liquid gold...10/14

Knox County looks to crack down on roadside vendors, illegal flea markets

(News Sentinel) The Knox County Commission is again moving ahead with plans to set new standards and regulations for roadside vendors and those who operate small, unlicensed flea markets in parking lots and out of abandoned businesses...10/15

energy & science policy

Supreme Court to Rule on Patents for Self-Replicating Products

(Wired) Imagine a licensing agreement for buying seeds that allows them to be used only once a season. They cannot be resold for planting, and cannot be used for research, crop breeding or seed production...10/10

science & technology

Rejection improves eventual impact of manuscripts

(Nature News)Just had your paper rejected? Don’t worry — that might boost its ultimate citation tally. An excavation of scientific papers' usually hidden prepublication trajectories from journal to journal has found that papers published after having first been rejected elsewhere receive significantly more citations on average than ones accepted on first submission... (10/11)

24 Miles, 4 Minutes and 834 M.P.H., All in One Jump

Felix(New York Times) A man fell to Earth from more than 24 miles high Sunday, becoming the first human to break the sound barrier under his own power — with some help from gravity. The man, Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian daredevil, made the highest and fastest jump in history after ascending by a helium balloon to an altitude of 128,100 feet...10/14

Breakthrough nano-technology solar cell achieves 18.2% efficiency, eliminates need for anti-reflection layer

(Phys Org) Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have produced solar cells using nanotechnology techniques at an efficiency – 18.2%—that is competitive. The breakthrough should be a major step toward helping lower the cost of solar energy...10/15

NASA's Ironman-Like Exoskeleton Could Give Astronauts, Paraplegics Improved Mobility and Strength

Exoskeleton(Science Daily) Marvel Comic's fictional superhero, Ironman, uses a powered armor suit that allows him superhuman strength. While NASA's X1 robotic exoskeleton can't do what you see in the movies, the latest robotic, space technology, spinoff derived from NASA's Robonaut 2 project may someday help astronauts stay healthier in space with the added benefit of assisting paraplegics in walking here on Earth...10/12

Other Stories

Panetta Warns Of ‘Cyber-Pearl Harbor’ As White House Readies Executive Order

(Science Progress) Defense Secretary Leon Panetta painted a bleak picture of American preparedness for cyber attacks on critical infrastructure in a speech yesterday, warning that America is open to the threat of a “cyber-Pearl Harbor” that could “be just as destructive as the terrorist attack of 9/11.” Panetta described the threats to U.S. critical infrastructure as dire...10/12