Tuesday, October 15, 2013
ORNL in the News

Chinese scientist at Oak Ridge lab may have discovered batteries' future

(China Daily) Ford Motor Co and the University of Michigan just announced they would open a new $88 million battery research and manufacturing lab that they hope will accelerate a much-needed breakthrough for the stalling electric auto non-boom...One of the first persons they should talk to is Chengdu Liang, a staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee...10/15

'White graphene' halts rust in high temps

(Space Daily) Atomically thin sheets of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) have the handy benefit of protecting what's underneath from oxidizing even at very high temperatures, Rice University researchers have discovered...Lead authors are Rice postdoctoral researcher Zheng Liu and graduate student Yongji Gong...Co-authors are Rice graduate student Lulu Ma and Senior Faculty Fellow Robert Vajtai; Wu Zhou, a Wigner Fellow, and Juan Carlos Idrobo, a staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...10/15



With Y-12 furloughs pending, union leader, activists to urge Congress to resolve fiscal disputes

(Oak Ridge Today) Thousands of furloughs are expected at the Y-12 National Security Complex later this week, and on Tuesday, a union leader and political activists will urge Congress to reopen the federal government..10/14

State & Regional

Alexander, Corker vote against 14-month debt limit increase

(Oak Ridge Today) Tennessee’s two U.S. senators both voted on Saturday against raising the nation’s debt limit for 14 months, and Congress remained at an impasse over reopening the government and preventing the nation’s first default on its debt...10/14


Senate Leaders in Striking Distance of a Deal

(Wall Street Journal) Top Senate leaders said they were within striking distance of an agreement Monday to reopen the federal government and defuse a looming debt crisis just days before the U.S. could run out of money to pay its bills...10/15

East Tennessee

UT alum Jim Gibson’s gift endows Engineering Chair

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Jim Gibson, a 1971 University of Tennessee graduate in industrial engineering, has created the base fund for an endowed chair in Engineering for a senior-level professor working on energy issues...10/13

TVA picks up $42 million toward cleanup costs

(AP) About $42 million has been recovered in the last week by the Tennessee Valley Authority to help pay for more than $1 billion in expenses stemming from the cleanup at the 2008 ash spill at the Kingston Fossil Plant...10/15

energy & science policy

US Federal Government Shutdown: Laboratories Prepare for Furloughs

(American Laboratory) ...If a solution is not reached before next week, several laboratories are scheduled to shut down by October 21, 2013...On a positive note, there are several laboratories that have announced intentions to stay open beyond October 21, 2013 and into November...10/13

science & technology

Ford, University of Michigan open new battery lab

(AP) Ford Motor Co. and the University of Michigan are opening a new battery research and manufacturing lab that they hope will speed the development of batteries for electric and hybrid cars...10/14

Air, water and sun: The ingredients of 'green gasoline'

(PhysOrg) Mimicking a natural process perfected over billions of years to capture solar energy, researchers are creating artificial photosynthetic systems that will turn air and water into transport fuel...10/15

Shutdown Imperils Costly Lab Mice, Years Of Research

(NPR) The government shutdown is likely to mean an early death for thousands of mice used in research on diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's...10/10

Record heat of today could be new norm in 2047, study says

(CS Monitor) A new study suggests that, globally, the maximum temperatures of the past 150 years will be the new minimum by 2047...10/9

Other Stories

In New Nuclear Talks, Technological Gains by Iran Pose Challenges to the West

(NY Times) Iran is expected to make an offer on Tuesday to scale back its effort to enrich uranium, a move that a year ago would have been a significant concession to the West...10/15