Thursday, October 17, 2013
ORNL in the News

Sulfur May Be Secret to Better Lithium Batteries

(EV World) Writing for China Daily, Chris Davis highlights the recent work of Chinese battery researcher Chengdu Liang, a staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and his teams work in lithium-sulfur batteries...10/16

Dongarra to Receive ACM-IEEE Computer Society Ken Kennedy Award

(Online PR News) Jack Dongarra of the University of Tennessee will receive the ACM-IEEE Computer Society Ken Kennedy Award for his leadership in designing and promoting standards for mathematical software used to solve numerical problems common to high performance computing...Dongarra is the founder and director of the Innovative Computing Laboratory at the University, and holds positions at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Manchester...10/16


Researchers Issue Dire Forecast for State Forests

(Claims Journal) ...Rising temperatures are killing forests globally, and research by Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists finds it is highly likely that the Southwest, including New Mexico, will lose the vast majority of its forests by 2050...10/16

State & Regional

Hundreds of safety violations at Tennessee nuclear plants

(AP) A recent congressional study shows Tennessee's nuclear plants had a total of 258 safety violations between 2000 and 2012...10/16


Congress Approves Bill To End Government Shutdown, Avert Default

(NPR) Bringing to an end an episode that once again exposed Washington gridlock at its worst, the House approved a Senate deal that will end a 16-day federal government shutdown and avert the first government default in U.S. history...10/16

East Tennessee

Vanderbilt School of Engineering to open cutting-edge research lab in MetroCenter

(The Tennessean) ...The new lab is part of the engineering school’s push in recent years to further distinguish itself as an industry leader, and it is expected to complement the strides made in risk analysis and management research...10/17

Federal Highway Administration Recommends Center for Transporation Research Program to National Audience

(Tennessee Today) The Federal Highway Administration has listed UT’s Traffic Signal Academy as one of its recommended training programs...10/15

energy & science policy

China & EPRI share nuclear info

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Electric Power Research Institute earlier this week announced that China National Nuclear Power Co. — China’s largest nuclear power group — had joined two of ERPI’s nuclear-related research programs...10/15

Australians 'Lock the Gate' to fracking

(CS Monitor) A growing number of Australian farmers are barring mining companies from accessing their lands, but Australian law states that minerals under the soil are owned by the Crown...10/16

science & technology

Science publishing: The golden club

(Nature) ...Researchers often say that publishing in prestigious journals can make a career. And for decades, the most sought after of the bunch have been Nature and Science — broadly read journals that reject more than 90% of the manuscripts they receive...10/16

Pressure for Results Mounts as Fusion Research Crawls Forward

(Scientific American) ...In the United States, government-funded labs are simultaneously pushing two tracks -- inertial fusion and magnetic confinement fusion -- but neither with the vigor needed to advance the field meaningfully, according to scientists...10/16

What Does It Mean for the U.S. to 'Lose Control of the Internet?'

(The Atlantic) Is the U.S. losing control of the Internet? That’s how some are interpreting a statement released in October by 10 organizations central to the Internet’s operation...10/16

Other Stories

WHO agency: Air pollution causes cancer

(AP) ...The International Agency for Research on Cancer declared on Thursday that air pollution is a carcinogen, alongside known dangers such as asbestos, tobacco and ultraviolet radiation...10/17