Monday, October 17, 2016
ORNL in the News

Oak Ridge National Laboratory transforms CO2 to ethanol with help from nanotechnology

(Biofuels International) In a new twist to waste-to-fuel technology, scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a new way to turn CO2 into ethanol...10/17

UT Arboretum, ORNL hosting Bioenergy Day on Wednesday

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Kids can be a part of the national celebration of the fourth annual Bioenergy Day this year, by participating in events that aim to teach about the rise of a bio-fueled world. The event is hosted by the University of Tennessee, in partnership with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the U.S. Department...10/16

Chomarat Is Developing Non-Crimp Fabrics Based On Very Heavy Tow Fibers For The Automotive Industry

(Textile World) Chomarat is working on formatting very heavy tow LCCF (low-cost carbon fiber) into C-PLY™ and proposes design optimization using low-cost carbon fiber input from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Working together with tier 1 automotive supplier and ORNL, Chomarat can handle these heavy tows and meet many benchmark standards...10/11

Science and Technology

Could Self-Driving Cars Speed Hurricane Evacuations?

(The Atlantic) ...“There are a lot of advantages you can think about,” says Brian Wolshon, the founding director of the Center for Evacuation and Transportation Resiliency at Louisiana State University. For one thing, even partially autonomous vehicles could improve traffic flow, if there were enough of them...10/14

Is There a Cap on Human Life Span?

(Slate) Now a new study, published in Nature, suggests that there seems to be a limit to human life span. However, the results, based on demographic data, are far from conclusive and must be interpreted carefully. They also raise some thorny ethical questions...10/17



Energy and Science Policy

Nations agree to ban refrigerants that worsen climate change

(Nature) Negotiators from 197 countries have reached an historic agreement to reduce emissions of chemical refrigerants that contribute to global warming...10/15

Scientific Societies Issue Action Plan in Response to Liquid Helium Supply Crisis

(AIP) In a new report, the American Physical Society, the American Chemical Society, and the Materials Research Society recommend actions that the U.S. government and scientific societies should take to make researchers less vulnerable to liquid helium price increases, price volatility, and supply interruptions—all of which could be exacerbated by the impending closure of the Federal Helium Reserve...10/14


Nuclear fusion reactor sets world record

(Electronic Specifier) On Friday, Sept. 30, at 9:25 p.m. EDT, scientists and engineers at MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center made a leap forward in the pursuit of clean energy...10/14

Energy Department Analysis: Loan Guarantee Program Launched Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Solar Market in the United States

( The U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office (LPO) today released new numbers on how the Obama Administration's early support for solar photovoltaic (PV) projects led to a massive expansion of large-scale solar farms...10/14

PNNL celebrates $30 million in new Richland buildings

(Tri-City Herald) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory had three new buildings to celebrate on Friday.
Officials gathered to ceremonially break ground on a “collaboration center” on Horn Rapids Road on the Department of Energy national lab’s Richland campus...10/14

Local and State

Knoxville to look at proposals for former Supreme Court building

(WATE-TV) ...The building was constructed in 1951 and features mid-century modern architecture with glass walls and marble. Also, there is an adjoining brick building. The city hopes the marble and other elements will be reused in the proposed design...10/11

School of Architecture ranked 10th overall

(UT Daily Beacon) ...The rankings are by the Design Futures Council which conducts surveys on public and private schools annually. The Design Future Council asks professionals to describe how well students are prepared for the job market, then ranks each school based on the preparedness of the students..10/16