Friday, October 18, 2013
ORNL in the News

Esri publishes interactive earthquake map of Bohol, Philippines

(Future Gov) Esri published an interactive earthquake map of Bohol and Cebu, Philippines, to help government organisations in their disaster response efforts, following a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that wreaked havoc in the central island of Bohol on Tuesday morning... The LandScan 2010 Global Population Database was developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory...10/17

Coralville Company Awarded Federal Project

(KCRG-TV) The Federal Highway Administration awarded Innovative Software Engineering in Coralville [Iowa] a two-year project to pilot a system to safeguard truck-shipped wholesale and retail fuels. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a multi-program science and technology laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn., with the U.S Department of Energy, is managing the project...10/17


Proposed Oak Ridge landfill would cost $817 million; DOE says off-site disposal would triple the price

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge landfill for cleanup wastes, known as the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility, is expected to run out of space around 2020. A proposed new landfill would be constructed adjacent to the existing facility in Bear Creek Valley...10/17



Deep Divide Lingers After Impasse Ends

(Wall Street Journal) Eight hours after President Barack Obama signed a bill to reopen the federal government, top congressional budget leaders from both parties gathered over breakfast to try to find common ground in coming weeks...10/17

East Tennessee

Knoxville makes list of most livable small- to mid-sized cities

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Knoxville is one of the Top 100 most livable small- to mid-sized cities in the country, according to a new survey by

energy & science policy

What the Shutdown Did to Science

(Popular Mechanics) The government shutdown is over for now, and federal employees are going back to work. But the 16-day lapse in federal funding has already hurt many areas of science...10/17

science & technology

Computing Power Used to Be Measured in 'Kilo-Girls'

(The Atlantic) ...For much of computer history, "computers" weren't just humans—people who sat doing the drudgery of repeated calculations that would, in turn, feed models and algorithms. The computers were also, often, women...10/16

Arizona Utility Tries Storing Solar Energy for Use in the Dark

(NY Times) When it snowed in Flagstaff, Ariz., recently, thousands of people woke up and turned up their electric heating, and Arizona Public Service saw electricity demand reach a morning peak. To meet the demand, the company used the previous afternoon’s sunshine...10/17

Research assessments: Judgement day

(Nature) Many governments are assessing the quality of university research, much to the dismay of some researchers...10/16

Why lithium-ion-batteries fail

(PhysOrg) ...In the search for higher energy density batteries, scientists have experimented for more than 20 years with materials capable of repetitively alloying and de-alloying with lithium...10/17

Other Stories

Confidence does not lead to success

(Fortune) Most confident people are not as competent as they think, and most competent people are confident only as a result of being competent...10/17