Monday, October 22, 2012
ORNL in the News

Sniffing Out Victims

(PBS) ...Often, the first step in identifying who committed a crime is identifying the victim. That's why [Arpad] Vass developed the Light-weight Analyzer for Buried Remains and Decomposition Odor Recognition system for locating dead bodies, known as LABRADOR for short...10/18

Eugene MamontovLithium chloride enables neutron studies of protein-solvent interactions at supercold temperatures

(PhysOrg) Researchers at the Spallation Neutron Source BASIS beam line at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have successfully developed a method to study biomolecules (proteins) at temperatures far below freezing using a lithium chloride preparation in the aqueous solvent that prevents freezing...10/19

Magnetic Silicon Nanoribbons Key to Next-Gen Data Storage

(Laboratory Equipment) Nano-ribbons of silicon configured so the atoms resemble chicken wire could hold the key to ultrahigh density data storage and information processing systems of the future. This was a key finding of a team of scientists led by Paul Snijders of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Biomass Future Questioned

( A new analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists downplays the decade-long federal "Billion Ton Study" that led to a national debate about what role biomass could play in biofuel production in coming decades...The UCS analysis released this week said the study conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory may be overly "optimistic" and did not take into account the need to produce biomass for energy in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


Y-12 adds 100K square feet of 'cool' roofs

(WATE) The Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge has installed almost 100,000 square feet of new heat reflective roofs to save on energy costs at the facility...10/22

Insight: Is Ohio's "secret" energy boom going bust?

(Reuters) Dozens of wells drilled this year across rural Ohio are quietly pumping out the answer to the U.S. energy industry's most loaded question: Is the Utica shale formation, touted as a potentially $500 billion frontier, a boom or a bust?...10/22

State & Regional

TN meningitis deaths rise to nine

(WBIR) The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed the fungal meningitis outbreak has killed one more person and sickened another in Tennessee. The CDC said there are now 69 confirmed cases and a total of nine deaths in that state...10/20


Gunbattles flare in Lebanon as political crisis deepens

(Reuters) The Lebanese army promised decisive action to quell unrest linked to the Syria conflict as gunbattles flared in the capital Beirut and elsewhere on Monday after the assassination of a senior intelligence officer last week...10/22

Three Killed in Shooting at Spa in Wisconsin

(New York Times) A gunman opened fire inside a day spa in this Milwaukee suburb on Sunday morning, killing three women, forcing others — some bloodied and still in bathrobes — to flee into nearby streets, and sending the authorities on a tense hunt...10/21

East Tennessee

Thousands of Knox County residents visit polls for early voting

(WBIR) More than 24,000 Knox County residents have visited the polls early for this election season. Election officials said they expect around 70 percent of Knox County voters to cast their ballots during the early voting period...10/21

energy & science policy

Looking Ahead: Senate Hearing on Moving Beyond Low Earth Orbit

(AIP) “I cannot escape the conclusion that the agency is being asked to do too much with too little” said Steven Squyres at a September 12 hearing of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee...10/19

science & technology

Astronomers Study 2-Million-Light-Year 'Extragalactic Afterburner'

(Science Daily) Blasting over two million lights years from the centre of a distant galaxy is a supersonic jet of material that looks strikingly similar to the afterburner flow of a fighter jet, except in this case the jet engine is a supermassive black hole and the jet material is moving at nearly the speed of light...10/22

Evolution of new genes captured

(PhysOrg) Like job-seekers searching for a new position, living things sometimes have to pick up a new skill if they are going to succeed. Researchers from the University of California, Davis, and Uppsala University, Sweden, have shown for the first time how living organisms do this...10/22

PurgatoriusFirst Human Ancestor Looked Like a Squirrel

(Discovery News) Newly discovered fossilized bones for the world's oldest and most primitive known primate, Purgatorius, reveal a tiny, agile animal that spent much of its time eating fruit and climbing trees, according to a study...10/22

Other Stories

Lance Armstrong stripped of Tour de France wins, banned for life

(CNN) Lance Armstrong has been stripped of the seven cycling titles that made him a legend. The International Cycling Union announced Monday that Armstrong is being stripped of his Tour de France titles...10/22

National Geographic to auction famous artworks, photographs

(Fox News) National Geographic Society has chronicled scientific expeditions, explorations, archaeology, wildlife and world cultures for more than 100 years, amassing a collection of 11.5 million photos and original illustrations...10/22