Thursday, October 24, 2013
ORNL in the News

ORNL's Bill Russell: Of mice and mutagens

(Oak Ridger) ...In October 1947, as the Russells awaited their FBI clearances before assuming their new jobs in Oak Ridge, a fire in a peat bog near Bar Harbor, Maine, broke out of control. It destroyed much of Jackson Laboratory, where William Lawson Russell had worked for 10 years....10/22

White roofs aren't so cool

(The Baltimore Sun) White roofs may not be the most cost-efficient choice for Baltimore homeowners, who must consider the principles of thermodynamics...Various scenarios were tested using the roof savings calculator developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and approved by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory...10/23

October story tips from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

(EurekAlert) MATERIALS—Improving panel performance...Researchers are using supercomputers to design better and less expensive solar panels that can capture the sun's rays more efficiently and maximize power production...METALLURGY—Better magnetic materials...Understanding the electrons that hold materials together may help scientists design strong, compact, lightweight and radiation-resistant metals at a lower cost...TRANSPORTATION — Energy-saving lubricant additives…A team of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and General Motors researchers has developed a new group of ionic liquids as lubricant additives that could help improve the energy efficiency of cars and trucks...10/23


Energy Department Announces $60 Million to Drive Affordable, Efficient Solar Power

( on President Obama’s broad-based plan to cut carbon pollution and support clean energy innovation across the country, Energy Secretary Moniz announced today about $60 million to support innovative solar energy research and development...10/22

Y-12 big winner in Sustainability Awards

(Oak Ridge National) The Y-12 nuclear weapons plant was the big winner in the Sustainability Awards announced this week by the National Nuclear Security Administration...10/24


Berlin Says U.S. May Be Spying on Merkel's Phone

(Wall Street Journal) Germany said it believed that U.S. intelligence agencies may be spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel's cellphone, an intrusion that could escalate the international furor over U.S. data surveillance and complicate Washington's relationship with one of its staunchest allies...10/23

East Tennessee

Acclaimed Journalist Tom Brokaw to Give Baker Distinguished Lecture

(Tennessee Today) Special correspondent for NBC News, author, and one of America’s best-known journalists, Tom Brokaw, will be at UT on November 13 to deliver the Baker Distinguished Lecture...10/22

energy & science policy

Contentious House Hearing on Yucca Mountain

(AIP) “It’s a tough issue, there’s emotions ramping [up] on both sides, we do appreciate you putting up with us, but you will see us again” said House Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy Chairman John Shimkus (R-IL) at the conclusion of hearing last month on the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository...10/23

APS Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics

(AIP)The American Physical Society will host eight Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics from Friday, January 17 through Sunday, January 19, 2014...10/23

science & technology

When Edible Plants Turn Their Defenses On Us

(NPR) Fruits and vegetables are unquestionably essential to a healthful diet. But there's another side to some of these plants that, thankfully, most people never see: the tiny amounts of toxins within them...10/23

You Can Now Liberate GIFs From the Web With an Old, Weird Technology

(The Atlantic) A printing process from the 1940s produces GIFs you can hold...A new project is trying to liberate GIFs from the digital world with the help of one old, weird, 20th-century technology...10/23

NASA Shoots Lasers at the Moon to Create Insanely Fast Internet

(Wired News) NASA has set a new record for communication in space, beaming information to and from a probe named LADEE that is currently flying around the moon 380,000 kilometers away...10/23

Other Stories

North Korea Increases Activity at Underground Nuclear Site

(Time) North Korea increased activity at its main underground nuclear test site shortly after officials there reaffirmed that they would expand their nuclear arsenal, a research group that studies the isolated country said Thursday...10/24

The One Thing Successful People Do Every Day

(Forbes) We’re all busy. We all have infinite to-do lists that fill up faster than we can cross off the most urgent tasks. Being busy makes you feel productive, but it could be getting in the way of your most important project: YOU...10/22