Thursday, October 27, 2016
ORNL in the News

Harper teams with Oak Ridge National Lab on carbon fiber project

(JEC Composites) The company specialized in custom thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, announced that in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory they have been awarded funding for a project through the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office’s HPC4Mfg Program...10/26


One-of-a-kind diesel test-engine unveiled

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Officials at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s National Transportation Research Center unveiled a diesel test-engine prototype on Monday that will serve as a proving ground for next-generation lubricants for the cost-conscious global marine industry. “This is the only one in the world,” said Mike Kass, research team leader at ORNL...10/24

Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide into Alcohol with a Single Spark

(R&D Magazine) Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory have successfully converted carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into ethanol using nanotechnology...10/24

Six ORNL researchers elected fellows of the American Physical Society

(PhysOrg) Six researchers from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have been elected fellows of the American Physical Society (APS)...10/25

Plans for Knoxville to test self-driving cars underway

(WBIR-TV) Knoxville could become a test city for self-driving cars. Mayor Madeline Rogero met with transportation leaders Wednesday to discuss the possibility of Knoxville becoming the newest testing city for self-driving cars...ORNL researcher and Deputy Director Andreas Malikopoulous says there are many benefits for self-driving cars...10/25

Nations sign major deal to curb warming chemicals used for air conditioning

(Science) ...At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a federal Department of Energy lab in Tennessee, scientists are preparing to use computer models to evaluate how these gases would spread in a room in case of a leak. Other labs are studying what would happen if they ignite. This is partly with an eye toward meeting safety standards, so that the new chemicals would be allowed in buildings, said Omar Abdelaziz, an engineer leading the Oak Ridge work...10/15


Science and Technology

'Super emitters' responsible for most US methane emissions

(PhysOrg) The bulk of methane emissions in the United States can be traced to a small number of "super emitting" natural gas wells, according to a new study...10/27

Energy and Science Policy

Rep. Jackie Speier Introduces Bill to Tackle Sexual Harassment in the Sciences

(AIP) Following a spike in reports of sexual harassment in the sciences, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) has spent the year shining a spotlight on the issue in Congress....10/26


This Hybrid Power Plant Combines 3 Clean Energy Sources in One

( ...Enel Green Power North America’s Stillwater plant, outside the desert town of Fallon, Nevada, came online in 2009 as a conventional geothermal plant and later added solar panels. After adding concentrating solar power in 2015, it became the world’s first triple hybrid renewable energy plant...10/19

DOE Labs ‘Road Tour’ Opens Doors To Their Treasures

(Los Alamos Daily Post) This autumn was hot for four states selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) to host bootcamps, associated with the MITEC pilot discussed in a previous blog, to learn about the DOE Labs and how small manufacturers can work with them...10/26

Local and State

UT researchers propose $43 million sports complex for turf studies

(WATE-TV) Build it and they will come – that’s what UT turf researchers hope for. They’re proposing a $43 million plan that will include a sports complex to ultimately fund more turf studies...10/26

Historically Speaking: REAC/TS - 40 years of excellence in radiation emergency medicine

(Oak Ridger)...In 1976, the Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site was officially established as a radiation accident management facility for emergency treatment and acute patient care following a major radiation exposure...10/25

Arboretum provides scientific environment for youth

(Oak Ridger) Elementary and middle school students attended an Oct. 19, 2016, celebration of the fourth annual Bioenergy Day hosted by the University of Tennessee in partnership with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and U.S. Department of Agriculture...10/24