Tuesday, October 29, 2013
ORNL in the News

Science On Shaky Ground As Automatic Budget Cutbacks Drag On

(NPR) ...Until recently, Titan was the most powerful supercomputer on the planet, but now there's a new No. 1. "The new machine is called Tianhe-2 and it's actually at the National Defense University in China," says Thom Mason, director of Oak Ridge. "The issue is not so much who's No. 1 in the horse race," he says. "But we think it's important for the U.S. to always be amongst that group that is pushing the envelope."...10/29

Neutrons, electrons, and theory reveal secrets of natural gas reserves

(Oak Ridge Today) Gas and oil deposits in shale have no place to hide from an Oak Ridge National Laboratory technique that provides an inside look at pores and reveals structural information potentially vital to the nation’s energy needs...10/28

Nobel Laureate launches Wigner Distinguished Lecture Series at ORNL

(Oak Ridge Today) Four Nobel Laureates are among nine lecturers who will be participating in the new Eugene P. Wigner Distinguished Lecture Series in Science, Technology, and Policy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Albert Fert, recipient of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics, opens the series on Nov. 4 at 10 a.m. in the Iran Thomas Auditorium at ORNL’s Spallation Neutron Source...10/28

State & Regional

TVA spending $1 billion on plants in the region

(Daily News) The Tennessee Valley Authority could invest nearly $1.1 billion in nearby power plants to ensure continued production of clean electricity for its customers, which include Bowling Green Municipal Utilities and Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corp...10/25

40 years after TVA started building Bellefonte in Hollywood, Ala., it faces an uncertain future

(Times Free Press) The 500-foot high, hyperboloid-shaped cooling towers rise over the rolling hills along the Tennessee River, shaping the physical and potentially the economic landscape of Northeast Alabama...10/27

East Tennessee

Wind fuels steady rotation of power at TVA's Buffalo Mtn

(WBIR) The Buffalo Mountain Wind Farm in Anderson County stands as one of TVA's most visible power plant operations. The twirling turbines along the mountain top can be seen from dozens of miles away...10/29


New experiment could finally shed light on the mysteries of dark matter

(PhysOrg) ...an experiment known as DarkLight, developed by Fisher and Milner in collaboration with researchers at the Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory in Virginia and others, will look for a massive photon with a specific energy postulated in one particular theory about dark matter...10/26


U.S. spy chiefs face Congress amid spying rift with Europe

(Reuters) When top U.S. intelligence officials testified at a congressional hearing weeks ago, the public uproar was over the National Security Agency collecting the phone and email records of Americans...10/29


energy & science policy

Fossil Fuel Use Continues to Rise

(Scientific American) Despite concerted global efforts to reduce carbon emissions through the expansion of clean and renewable energy resources, fossil fuels continued to dominate the global energy sector in 2012, according to new figures released yesterday by the Worldwatch Institute...10/25

science & technology

Why Engineers Want To Put B Vitamins In 3-D Printers

(NPR) The chemicals used in some 3-D printers can be toxic to humans. So researchers are looking to use naturally occurring vitamin B2 instead. They have already been able to make intricate, microscopic structures with the vitamin-rich material...10/25

Need Different Types of Tissue? Just Print Them!

(Science Daily) What sounds like a dream of the future has already been the subject of research for a few years: simply printing out tissue and organs. Now scientists have further refined the technology and are able to produce various tissue types...10/24

Remote Bomb Detector Uses Sound Waves To Distinguish Between Types Of Explosives

(Popular Science) A new type of bomb detection can sniff out how powerful an explosive is from afar. Devised by researchers at Vanderbilt University, Purdue University and the Colorado School of Mines, it uses a laser vibrometer and a sonic beam to identify how the bomb's casing vibrates...10/24

Scientists develop new method to help global coasts adapt to sea-level rise

(PhysOrg) A team of scientists, led by the University of Southampton, has developed a new method to help the world's coasts adapt to global sea-level rises over the next 100 years...10/25

Other Stories

Iran may be month from a bomb

(USA Today) Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb in as little as a month, according to a new estimate by one of the USA's top nuclear experts...10/25

The Battle for Power on the Internet

(The Atlantic) Distributed citizen groups and nimble hackers once had the edge. Now governments and corporations are catching up. Who will dominate in the decades ahead?...10/24

What Makes A Boomerang Come Back?

(Popular Science) a phenomenon known as gyroscopic precession is the key to making a returning boomerang come back to its thrower...10/24