Thursday, October 31, 2013
ORNL in the News

Russells: Remarkable couple who made a difference

(Oak Ridger) ...As an Oak Ridge couple, Liane and Bill Russell were 20th century, world-class scientists who traveled the world and cared about life on Earth. Just as they focused on visible signs of genetic mutations in newborn mice, they later looked for potential threats to the natural environment they loved...10/29

200 at ORNL affected by cyber breach

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Oak Ridge National Laboratory spokesman David Keim said today about 200 employees at the laboratory were among those who had their personal information compromised in the big cyber breach at the Department of Energy...10/30


Alleged UK hacker charged in DOE cyber breach

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The U.S. Justice Department announced this week that 28-year-old Lauri Love of Stradishall, England. had been charged with infiltrating U.S. government computers, including breaching computer systems at the Department of Energy that reportedly compromised the personal information of more than 100,000 people...10/30

B&W Y-12 names Bill Reis as vice president of public, governmental affairs

(Oak Ridge Today) Bill Reis has been appointed vice president of public and governmental affairs for B&W Y-12, the contractor that manages and operates the Y-12 National Security Complex...10/30

3-D Earth model more accurately pinpoints explosions

(PhysOrg) ...Under the sponsorship of the National Nuclear Security Administration's Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation R&D, Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories have partnered to develop a 3-D model of the Earth's mantle and crust called SALSA3D (Sandia-Los Alamos 3D)...10/28


Obama to announce effort to lure foreign businesses to U.S.

(Reuters) Officials said the United States would start to coordinate efforts at the federal level to attract investment in a way it has not before. Until now, states and cities have been responsible for making pitches for business from abroad...10/13

U.S. Budget Deficit Falls Under $1 Trillion; Lowest Since 2008

(NPR) The U.S. government ran a deficit of $680 billion in the financial year that ended last month — the first time since 2008 that the annual shortfall has been under $1 trillion. It represents a fall from $1.09 trillion in 2012, but as the AP reports, "It's still the fifth-largest deficit of all time."...10/30

East Tennessee

UT Teams Win EPA Awards, Tackle Environmental Challenges

(Tennessee Today) Two environmental advances—a new source of lumber for construction and efficient breakdown of plastic mulch—are closer to becoming reality, thanks to the work of two student-professor teams from UT...10/30

energy & science policy

Another year of sequestration would delay NASA missions

(Gannett) NASA was able to largely avoid serious consequences from the first phase of sequestration budget cuts, but the next round poses a serious threat to the nation's space program, according to members of Congress and agency officials...10/29

US extends crackdown on coal overseas

(CS Monitor) The US will end financial support for new coal projects overseas, except in narrowly defined circumstances, to address rising greenhouse-gas emissions...10/30

science & technology

Lady of the lakes

(Nature) Diane Orihel set her PhD aside to lead a massive protest when Canada tried to shut down its unique Experimental Lakes Area...10/30

The Radical New Institution to Liberate U.S. Data

(The Atlantic) ... The Knight Foundation announced late Monday that it will create an Open Data Institute in the U.S. with an initial grant of $250,000. If successful, the organization could bring about the popular use of government data....10/30

We Need More Women in Tech: The Data Prove It

(The Atlantic) Across the technology sector there is a major disparity between men and women. While 57 percent of occupations in the workforce are held by women, in computing occupations that figure is only 25 percent. Of chief information officer jobs (CIOs) at Fortune 250 companies, 20 percent were held by a woman in 2012...10/29

Other Stories

Iran Builds Un-Bombable Reactor

(Time) ...Because it is not yet up and running, the Arak heavy-water reactor has remained in the background of the nuclear controversy. But it looms larger every day...10/29

Poor Health in Rich Countries: A Role for Open Access Journals

(PLOS Medicine) [Editorial] Readers may be familiar with reports of a country where economic conditions have pushed the healthcare system toward collapse...That country is the United States, where a recent report by the Institute of Medicine noted that “the American health–wealth paradox is a pervasive disadvantage that affects everyone, and it has not been improving”...10/29