Thursday, November 3, 2011
ORNL in the News

More radionuclide therapy is better for prostate cancer patients

(MedicalXpress) For prostate cancer patients with bone metastases, repeated administrations of radionuclide therapy with 188Re-HEDP are shown to improve overall survival rates and reduce pain, according to new research...188Re-HEDP is not commercially available and in-house production is required. 188Re-HEDP treatments for this study were developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn...11/3

'A little chaos near the edge'

(R&D Magazine) Heated to extreme temperatures of up to 150 million C, the plasma in ITER's giant experimental fusion reactor will be fed a fuel of frozen pellets of deuterium-tritium, fired into the tokamak vacuum vessel by pellet injectors. Testing of the most recent pellet injection design technology developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and U.S. ITER is under way this fall at the DIII-D research tokamak in San Diego, operated by General Atomics for the Department of Energy through the Office of Fusion Energy Sciences...11/2


Chrome Deposit Corporation and the University of Delaware IAC: Another Energy Efficiency Success Story

(DOE Press Release) As part of the Energy Department’s Industrial Technologies Program, 26 Industrial Assessment Centers from across the country provide energy, waste and productivity assessments to small and mid-sized manufacturers concerned about energy efficiency...11/2

State & Regional

TVA action prices large solar projects out of market

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...The regional power provider announced in September that the program, which pays premium rates and provides incentives for renewable power produced by its customers, would reduce the size of the systems that qualify from 200 kilowatts to 50 kilowatts. A 10-kilowatt system produces enough energy to power a typical home...11/3


How Technology Is Eliminating Higher-Skill Jobs

(NPR) The U.S. economy hit an important milestone last week: gross domestic product, the sum of all goods and services produced in the country, returned to pre-recession levels. But the gains were made with millions fewer workers. Part of the reason is technology, as computers and machines continue to replace humans...11/3

East Tennessee

Innovation Valley’s Unfulfilled Promise

(Metro Pulse) ORNL and the University of Tennessee are plainly the Knoxville area’s two biggest economic assets. Not only are they among the area’s largest employers of the present, but they’re also the source of inventions and technologies that hold potential for spurring its future economic growth...11/2

Prescribed burns help keep Cades Cove's historic landscape

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Team members conduct a prescribed burn of about 500 acres inside Cades Cove with help from the Great Smoky Wildlife Fire Module, the Cumberland Gap Wildlife Fire Module and Cape Hatteras National Seashore teams...11/3

energy & science policy

Making Progress: Senate Passes FY 2012 NASA, NIST, and NSF Funding Bill

(AIP) Yesterday the full Senate passed its version of the FY 2012 Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Bill...11/2

Research cuts hit the DNA business

(Nature) A DNA sequencing machine is one of the most expensive lab purchases a biologist can make. So it is no surprise that, with research funding falling and worse times ahead, institutions are holding off buying the devices, leaving manufacturers feeling the pinch...11/1

Inside Energy Extra

11/2 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- DOE IG cites delays in stimulus spending
- US look at Cuba rig limited: Bromwich
- Chu seeks closer look at CO2, EOR
- Nuclear industry hits DOE export plan

science & technology

Can Climate Science Predict Extreme Weather?

(Scientific American) This year's rash of severe weather is changing climate science. As policymakers call for better information, scientists are scrambling to understand the link between increasing emissions and natural disaster...11/2

Purging Cells in Mice Is Found to Combat Aging Ills

(NY Times) In a potentially fundamental advance, researchers have opened up a novel approach to combating the effects of aging with the discovery that a special category of cells, known as senescent cells, are bad actors that promote the aging of the tissues...11/2

Other Stories

Security Firm: Hackers Targeted Chemical Companies

(NPR) Cyber attacks traced to China targeted at least 48 chemical and military-related companies in an effort to steal technical secrets, a U.S. computer security company said Tuesday, adding to complaints about pervasive Internet crime linked to this country...11/1

Turkey's rising clout leaves Iran fuming on sidelines of Arab Spring

(CS Monitor) The fast-emerging split between Turkey and Iran has revived a centuries-old rivalry between the Ottomans and the Persians...11/2