Tuesday, November 5, 2013
ORNL in the News

Innovation in feedstock transport, testing

(Ethanol Producer Magazine) In August, Ernest Moniz, secretary for the U.S. DOE, announced more than $22 million in new investments to develop a more efficient feedstock supply chain for advanced biofuels, in addition to more affordable algae-derived fuels...The field operations and production arm represents FDC Enterprises, Antares Group Inc., Feedstox, Virginia Tech University and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory...11/4

Energy Efficiency at the National Labs

(Energy.gov) ...The National Labs are leading the way in developing exciting new technologies that will transform the clean energy economy...In the area of energy efficiency, Oak Ridge National Lab's Building Technologies Research and Integration Center allows researchers to study the impacts of climate on attic and roof assemblies, building envelopes, insulation and air barrier systems....11/4

Algorithms show link between rads’ gaze, diagnostic decision and image content

(Health Imaging) ...Two of the biggest challenges currently facing the field of radiology are diagnostic error and inconsistencies in interpretation of medical images...Georgia Tourassi, MD, of Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and colleagues recognized the need for understanding individual differences in human perception and cognition of medical imaging data...11/4


U.S., international partners remove last weapons-grade uranium from Hungary

(Oak Ridge Today) The U.S. Department of Energy announced Monday that all remaining highly enriched uranium has been removed from Hungary. There was enough material removed in the multi-year international effort to fuel nine nuclear weapons...11/5

Crafting a better enzyme cocktail to turn plants into fuel faster

(PhysOrg) Scientists looking to create a potent blend of enzymes to transform materials like corn stalks and wood chips into fuels have developed a test that should turbocharge their efforts...Pacific Northwest National Laboratory findings open the possibility that laboratory research that now takes months could be reduced to days, and that scientists will be able to assess more options for biofuel development than is possible today...11/4


Pakistan says US drone strikes won't stop Taliban talks

(CS Monitor) The US drone strike that killed Pakistan Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud infuriated Pakistanis and the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif insisted peace talks with the group will go forward...11/4

East Tennessee

County committee to consider tax financing for Oak Ridge Mall redevelopment

(Oak Ridge Today) The Anderson County Operations Committee will consider the tax financing plan for the $85 million redevelopment of the Oak Ridge Mall during a Monday evening meeting...11/4

energy & science policy

New Study on Student Performance in Math and Science

(AIP) ...While many studies show student performances, the results of a recent study paint a picture of where U.S. students place on an international scale...11/4

science & technology

U.S. tallgrass prairie's microbial past revealed

(Nature) Tallgrass prairie once dominated the US Midwest, but nearly all of it has been tilled and farmed since settlers moved into the region in the mid-nineteenth century. New research suggests that one of the most dramatic aspects of that landscape transformation was the loss of microbial diversity in prairie soils...10/31

Hepatitis C, a Silent Killer, Meets Its Match

(NY Times) ...Medicine may be on the brink of an enormous public health achievement: turning the tide against hepatitis C, a silent plague that kills more Americans annually than AIDS and is the leading cause of liver transplants....11/4

'Hybrid' nuclear plants could make a dent in carbon emissions

(PhysOrg) ...MIT's Charles Forsberg has come up with a much more ambitious idea: He proposes marrying a nuclear powerplant with another energy system, which he argues could add up to much more than the sum of its parts...11/4

4-D Printing: The Next Generation of Manufacturing

(Scientific American) An M.I.T. lab is tweaking the idea of 3-D printing with the help of smart materials that continue to change even after they leave the printer...11/4

Quantum 'sealed envelope' system enables 'perfectly secure' information storage

(PhysOrg) A breakthrough in quantum cryptography demonstrates that information can be encrypted and then decrypted with complete security using the combined power of quantum theory and relativity - allowing the sender to dictate the unveiling of coded information without any possibility of intrusion or manipulation...11/4

Other Stories

The Retirement Savings Fiasco

(Time) For thousands of furloughed federal workers, the 16-day government shutdown wasn’t just a public display of Congressional dysfunction— it was the trigger of a personal financial crisis...11/4