Wednesday, November 6, 2013
ORNL in the News

Miniature maximization and transient doping success

(Science Codex)Improving efficiency and performance of tiny engines like those used in remote-controlled planes is the focus of a report that may thrust the technology into this century. These single-cylinder engines, which have potential for unmanned aerial systems and portable power, can be improved by using stronger, more heat-resistant materials and tighter tolerances between the piston wall gap, according to a study led by Mike Kass of Oak Ridge National Laboratory...11/5

Graphite ReactorGraphite Reactor among historic Oak Ridge's most iconic symbols

(Oak Ridger) The Manhattan Project National Historical Park will include (among other facilities) the National Historical Landmark Graphite Reactor at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It is among the most iconic symbols of the heritage of Oak Ridge...11/5

ORNL receives GreenGov Presidential Award

(Oak Ridge Today) Oak Ridge National Laboratory received one of eight GreenGov Presidential Awards announced Tuesday. The lab won in the Good Neighbor category for a project titled “ORNL Good, Green, Sustainable Neighbor,” a press release said...(11/5)

LustreLustre Makes the Enterprise Grade with HSM 

(Enterprise Tech) The Lustre parallel file system that was spawned and nurtured in supercomputing labs is now more appropriate as a high-speed file system for enterprise applications...Galen Shipman, chairman of Open Scalable File Systems.., tells EnterpriseTech that Lustre has already done plenty of growing up...In his day job, Shipman is director of the compute and data environment for science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...11/5


Lamar SmithHigh Contrast: U.S. Legislators Plot Disparate Courses for Department of Energy Research

(Science Magazine) Legislators on both sides of the aisle in the U.S. House of Representatives say they love science, which is seen as engine for innovation and economic growth...11/4

State & Regional

Tennessee schools see hunger in eyes of many students

(The Tennessean) When Sarah White visits schools, she can tell which children go hungry over the weekends. White, Tennessee's executive director of school nutrition programs, has seen students waiting, lined up, to get into school on Monday mornings, and not because they can't wait to get to class...11/4


Hagel warns that defense cuts mean trade-offs

(The Washington Post) The Pentagon will continue to scale down the size of the armed forces to protect investments in high-tech weapons and cyberwar capabilities, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Tuesday as he laid out how austere times are forcing basic trade-offs in national security priorities...11/6

East Tennessee

Pilot rebate settlement deal jumps to $72 million

(WBIR) The estimated value of a proposed settlement of rebate fraud claims against Pilot Flying J has jumped from $40 million to $72 million, according to lawyers for the truck stop firms and truckers who are seeking court approval of the deal...11/5

energy & science policy

National Science Board releases STEM Education Data and Trends

(AIP) The National Science Board (NSB) recently released two tools relevant to the biennial report Science and Engineering Indicators.  A website, based on the Science and Engineering Indicators (SEI) allows users to access data from the report related to student learning...11/4

science & technology

India launches Mars-bound probe

(Nature News) India’s first mission to Mars has successfully blasted off on its 300-day journey to the Red Planet. The Mars Orbiter Mission, or Mangalyaan, launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota in the east of the country today. It  is due to start circling the planet while taking data in September 2014...11/5

Carbon Storage Recovers Faster Than Plant Biodiversity in Re-Growing Tropical Forests

(Science Daily) A new study of re-growing tropical forests has concluded that plant biodiversity takes longer to recover than carbon storage following major disturbances such as clearance for farming...11/5

Language Gene'Language Gene' Has a Partner

(Science Magazine) Few genes have made the headlines as much as FOXP2. The first gene associated with language disorders, it was later implicated in the evolution of human speech. Girls make more of the FOXP2 protein, which may help explain their precociousness in learning to talk. Now, neuroscientists have figured out how one of its molecular partners helps Foxp2 exert its effects...10/31

One In Five Sun-Like Stars Have Earth-Like Planets

(Popular Science) Back in February, a team at Harvard announced they had found a possible Earth-like planet just 13 light years away. The study detailed the prevalence of these planets orbiting red dwarf stars and found that about 15 percent have Earth-size planets within habitable zones...11/4

Other Stories

Median wage falls to lowest level since 1998

(Al Jazeera America) Last year the median wage hit its lowest level since 1998, revealing that at least half of American workers are being left behind as the economy slowly recovers from the Great Recession...11/4

Science museum opens in rural Tennessee town

(The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) The gleaming white building with curved exteriors and a spaceship-like tower emerges from the flat landscape of West Tennessee like something out of science fiction, but it’s not a villain’s lair or superhero’s headquarters...11/6