Friday, November 11, 2011
ORNL in the News

What's new on the fusion front?

(MSNBC) "When we send a frozen pellet into a high-temperature plasma, we sometimes call it a 'snowball in hell,'" Oak Ridge physicist David Rasmussen said in an ITER report. "But temperature is really just the measure of the energy of the particles in the plasma. When the deuterium and tritium particles vaporize, ionize and are heated, they move very fast, colliding with enough energy to fuse."...11/10

Buddy Check: Missy climbs a mountain

(WBIR-TV) A cancer diagnosis is enough to drag a person into the depths of depression, but for Missy Pointer it only lifted her up....11/10


With lithium, more is definitely better

(PhysOrg) "The lesson here for confining plasma is surprising and simple: When you use more and more lithium, the plasma confinement gets better and better," said Rajesh Maingi, a physicist from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory who is on long-term assignment to PPPL....11/10

NOAA Climate Modeling Work to Use Adaptive's Grid Management Solution

(HPCwire) The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Computer Sciences Corporation, has selected Moab HPC Suite as its intelligent grid resource management solution. The Moab decision engine is the workload management software for Gaea, NOAA's new leadership class supercomputer....11/10


Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Subcommittee on Shale Gas Production Posts Draft Report

(DOE Press Release) The Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Subcommittee on Shale Gas Production released its second and final ninety-day report reviewing the progress that has been made in implementing the twenty recommendations in its initial report of August 18, 2011....11/10

East Tennessee

NRC seeking more public comment on Watts Bar Unit 2

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is seeking more public comment on its preliminary finding that there are no environmental impacts to prevent the regulatory agency from issuing an operating license for the Watts Bar Unit 2 nuclear reactor under construction near Spring City, Tenn....11/10


Political Paralysis Worsens European Debt Crisis

(NPR) The same inability in the U.S. to tackle systemic problems may cause long-term economic harm....11/11

Other Stories

Addressing The Shortage Of Women In Silicon Valley

(NPR) This week thousands of women gathered in Portland, Ore., for the Grace Hopper Celebration, the world's largest technical conference for women and computing. High-tech companies are hiring, but there aren't nearly enough women to meet the demand....11/11

energy & science policy

Keystone pipeline route in Nebraska to be reassessed

(Washington Post) The Obama administration will delay action on a controversial cross-country oil pipeline in order to assess a shift in its route, officials announced Thursday, effectively putting off a politically vexing decision until after next year's election....11/10

Support for federal backing of renewables slips, driven by GOP skepticism

(Washington Post) Support for putting federal funds into alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and hydrogen has slipped to its lowest point in polls since 2006....11/

science & technology

With Fears of Asian Carp Fading, a Sleek Campaign to Revive Public Concern

(New York Times) Concern about the danger to the Great Lakes posed by Asian carp seems to have ebbed, and several groups are trying to restoke the fire....11/10

X-ray facility to study conditions at Earth's core

(BBC) The ID24 beam line at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility will use X-ray beams to subject iron and other materials to extraordinary temperatures and pressures....11/11

Star factories: distant dwarf galaxies caught amid star-making frenzy

(Christian Science Monitor) A team of astronomers has uncovered a population of dwarf galaxies some nine billion to ten billion light-years away that were producing stars at a furious pace....11/10

Biologists Slow the Aging Process in Fruit Flies: Study Has Implications for Humans

(Science Daily) UCLA life scientists, working with fruit flies, activated a gene called PGC-1, which increases the activity of mitochondria, the tiny power generators in cells that control cell growth and tell cells when to live and die....11/9

High Cost Makes Aviation Biofuel Slow to Take Off

(Wired) Biofuel-powered airliners shuttled passengers across the United States for the first time this week, carrying with them the dream of more sustainable aviation fuel....11/10