Thursday, November 13, 2014
ORNL in the News

First Direct Observations of One-Dimensional Boundary Separating Two Different, Atom-Thin Materials

(Azonano) Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have made the first direct observations of a one-dimensional boundary separating two different, atom-thin materials, enabling studies of long-theorized phenomena at these interfaces...11/11

Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, November 2014

(Science Codex) ...With the addition of a dash of a common solvent, researchers realized an efficiency gain of about 36 percent for organic solar cells...11/3

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Develops 3D Printing Process at the Microscale

(ArchDaily) ...researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated a new manufacturing process that can create 3D printed metal components with an unprecedented degree of precision...11/12

ORNL thermomagnetic processing method provides path to new materials

(Space Daily) For much the same reason LCD televisions offer eye-popping performance, a thermomagnetic processing method developed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory can advance the performance of polymers...11/10

Science and Technology

Landing on a Comet, a Mission Aims to Unlock the Mysteries of Earth

(NY Times) In a technological feat that gives scientists their first opportunity to dig into a remnant of the early solar system, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission successfully placed a small spacecraft on the surface of a speeding comet on Wednesday...11/12

Switching on a dime: How plants function in shade and light

(PhysOrg) ...A team of researchers led by Carnegie's Ute Armbruster and Martin Jonikas revealed a mechanism by which plants maintain high photosynthetic efficiency in fluctuating light...11/13

Energy and Science Policy

US and China Announce a Huge Deal on Climate, to Everyone’s Surprise

(Wired News) In a surprise announcement Tuesday night, the world’s two biggest economies and greenhouse gas emitters, United States and China, said they will partner closely on a broad-ranging package of plans to fight climate change...11/12


Veterans to get preference in DOE Scholars Program

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education is now accepting applications for the Department of Energy Scholars Program. The program includes stipends and provides opportunities for students and post-grads to get involved with DOE programs — science research, etc. — and learn about the agency’s missions...11/10

Sandia releases interface to help standardize supercomputer power and energy systems

(PhysOrg) To help moderate the energy needs of increasingly power-hungry supercomputers, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have released an application programming interface (API) with the goal of standardizing measurement and control of power- and energy-relevant features for high-performance computing (HPC) systems...11/12

After Solyndra Loss, U.S. Energy Loan Program Turning A Profit

(NPR) In 2011, solar panel company Solyndra defaulted on a $535 million loan guaranteed by the Department of Energy. The agency had a few other high-profile bankruptcies, too — electric car company Fisker and solar company Abound among them. But now that loan program has started turning a profit...11/13

Local and State

L&N STEM students' experiment to relaunch

(WBIR-TV) The relaunch date is set for a space mission with close ties to East Tennessee high school students. Two weeks ago, a group of Knoxville students lost a science experiment in a rocket explosion. The group of students from L&N STEM Academy saw their last experiment blow up seconds after it left earth...11/12