Wednesday, November 17, 2010
ORNL in the News

Dow Named to U.S.-China Joint Energy Efficiency Consortium and to Chair Industrial Advisory Board

(Market Watch) In October, the CERC Consortium for Building Energy Efficiency was granted $12.5 million from DOE over five years, and another $12.5 million in matching funds will come from Consortium partners in the United States. Chinese counterparts, currently being finalized, will contribute an additional $25 million. The consortium includes seven U.S. research partners: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Natural Resources Defense Council (Beijing branch), ICF International (Beijing branch), National Association of State Energy Offices, Association of State Energy Research and Technology Transfer Institutions, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of California, Davis....11/16

Declining nitrogen availability reduces CO2 fertilization effects, researchers find

(PressZoom) Climate models that project future atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations should include a coupled nitrogen cycle, a team of researchers led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory has concluded. "We now have a longer data record from the ORNL free-air CO2 enrichment experiment, and we report that the response of forest production to elevated CO2 has declined over time, a significant change from our previous observations," said Rich Norby, lead author of the paper and a member of ORNL's Environmental Sciences Division....11/15

State & Regional

TN Revenue Department hires former exec of raided Sommet Group

(Tennessean) The Tennessee Department of Revenue has named a former senior executive from the Sommet Group to handle legal matters on tax cases, amid federal inquiries into both organizations....11/17


G.O.P. Opposition Dims Hope for Arms Treaty With Russia

(New York Times) The chief Senate Republican negotiator dealt a setback to President Obama's effort to pass a treaty with Russia....11/17

energy & science policy

Inside Energy Extra

11/16 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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** Vote still not set on EPA carbon regs
** Six towns vie for FutureGen's CO2
** Fracking a 2012 campaign issue?
** Chu touts US-Asia energy cooperation
** Energy storage said key to RES laws

science & technology

A Costly Quest for the Dark Heart of the Cosmos

(New York Times) The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is designed to sift the high-energy particles flying through space known as cosmic rays. On Feb. 27, the space shuttle Endeavour will ferry the spectrometer to a permanent berth on the space station. But the real destination is the shadow universe....11/17

Scientists witness the apparent birth of a black hole

(Washington Post) The evidence began arriving 30 years ago from a star 50 million light-years away that had imploded, setting into motion events that created a region where gravity is so great that nothing can escape, even light....11/16 [Registration Required]

How Stuxnet cyber weapon targeted Iran nuclear plant

(Christian Science Monitor) Researchers from California and Germany dove into the Stuxnet code and found it sought out specialized components used in Iran nuclear centrifuges – and could cause them to explode....11/17