Friday, November 22, 2013
ORNL in the News

Energy savings in 3-D

(R&D Magazine) Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory are working with aircraft makers to determine energy savings through the use of additive manufacturing, also known as 3-D printing. Sachin Nimbalkar and his ORNL colleagues are printing airplane parts to show additive manufacturing’s potential as a technology that should be considered foundational to processes seeking more energy efficiency...11/21

Someday Your EV Charger May Be the Roadway Itself

(MIT Technology Review) One way to extend the range of electric vehicles may be to provide power wirelessly through coils placed under the surface of a road...The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is also working on ways to automatically match the wireless power transmitter and receiver...11/19

Researchers simulate electrons in astrophysical plasma jets

(R&D Magazine) Physicists of Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) have been able to simulate the motion of billions of electrons within astrophysical plasma jets and calculate the light they emit with the help of a high-performance computer...the HZDR team used what was then the most powerful supercomputer in the world for their calculations in June of this year: TITAN at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...11/20



White House Announces Nominations for Senior Department of Energy Positions

(AIP) The White House recently announced its intention to make nominations for three senior Department of Energy positions: the newly established Under Secretary for Science and Energy, Director of the Office of Science, and Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy...11/20

South Carolina Opens Nation’s Largest Wind Drivetrain Testing Facility

( ...Located at a former Navy warehouse with easy access to rail and water transport, the Clemson facility will test machinery that converts both onshore and offshore wind to electricity and allow engineers to simulate 20 years’ worth of wear and tear on drivetrains in a few months...11/21


Foes of an Iran nuclear deal refocus on containing the damage

(CS Monitor) Realizing they cannot prevent an interim nuclear deal from being reached in Geneva, opponents now are looking to ensure that a 'bad deal' doesn't open a door to Iran getting a nuclear weapon...11/21

East Tennessee

Locomotive company expanding in Knoxville

(AP) ...Officials say Knoxville Locomotive Works will establish the plant in Knoxville to satisfy new Environmental Protection Agency emission requirements for trains. The announcement represents an investment of $6.1 million...11/22

energy & science policy

No Apparent Progress on Budget Stalemate

(AIP) ...“If a timely agreement is not reached, the likely alternatives could have extremely damaging repercussions” warns a November 18 letter about the need to reach a deal on overall federal budget numbers for this and the next fiscal year...11/13

U.S. and China Find Convergence on Climate Issue

(NY Times) Discord and rivalry between Beijing and Washington have factored in international discussions of global warming since the United Nations climate treaty was established in 1992, contributing to the foundering of the 2009 talks in Copenhagen and much rough sailing since...11/21

science & technology

Graphene: The quest for supercarbon

(Nature) Graphene's dazzling properties promise a technological revolution, but Europe may have to spend a billion euros to overcome some fundamental problems...11/20

Drastic Cuts in Greenhouse Gases Won't Curb Long-Term Climate Change

(Science Magazine) Some scientists have proposed drastic cuts in the emissions of soot, methane, and other strong but short-lived greenhouse gases as a way to tackle global warming in the short term. But such approaches won’t lessen the long-term rate of climate change...11/21

A Basic Rule of Chemistry Can Be Broken, Calculations Show

(Scientific American) A study suggests atoms can bond not only with electrons in their outer shells, but also via those in their supposedly sacrosanct inner shells...11/21

Other Stories

The Largest Snake in the World Has Invaded the United States

(Slate) ...Green anacondas haven’t gained much attention as an invasive species, but the state of Florida has become concerned enough about them that photos for identification were included in the study guide that I was assigned before participating in the “Python Challenge” hunting contest....11/15