Friday, December 2, 2011
ORNL in the News

UCOR takes care of ORNL hot spot

(Knoxville News Sentinel) URS/CH2M Oak Ridge, the government's environmental chief in Oak Ridge, said it has remediated a radioactive hot spot discovered earlier this year at Oak Ridge National Laboratory....12/1

About 250 voluntary departures at ORNL

(Knoxville News Sentinel) About 250 employees at Oak Ridge National Laboratory applied for a Voluntary Separation Program and, if approved as expected, will leave the lab payroll at the end of the year....11/30


DOE Awards $12 Million to Spur Rapid Adoption of Solar Energy with the Rooftop Solar Challenge

(DOE Press Release) As part of the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative, Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced $12 million in funding for the awardees of the Rooftop Solar Challenge....12/1

State & Regional

Tennessee prepares for more budget cuts

(Tennessean) A steadier economy is easing pressure on Tennessee's finances, but Gov. Bill Haslam's administration and state budgeters are still making plans for more cuts to state government....12/2


Payroll tax break: Extension proposals from both parties fail in Senate

(Washington Post) All but a handful of Democrats voted in favor of their party's proposal, but in a surprising turn, more Republicans voted against the GOP plan than in favor of it....12/2

Merkel urges euro fiscal union to tackle debt crisis

(BBC) German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Europe is working towards setting up a "fiscal union", in a bid to resolve the eurozone's debt crisis....12/2

energy & science policy

Obama, Clinton To Announce Energy Saving Program

(NPR) Enlisting former President Bill Clinton as a partner, President Barack Obama is announcing a $4 billion effort to increase the energy efficiency of government and private sector buildings, aiming for fuel savings and job creation at no cost to taxpayers....12/2

science & technology

A Big Uranium Deposit, and a Big Debate on Mining It

(New York Times) A proposed uranium mine has thrust Virginia into a national debate over energy security, nuclear power and the environment....12/2

How animals predict earthquakes

(BBC) Animals may sense chemical changes in groundwater that occur when an earthquake is about to strike. This, scientists say, could be the cause of bizarre earthquake-associated animal behaviour....12/1

Global warming: winners and losers in the Arctic's 'new normal'

(Christian Science Monitor) The Arctic Report Card study suggests that changes at the top of the world have led to unusual weather patterns, a greener Greenland, and lots of plankton. At least the whales are pleased....12/1

New Switch Could Improve Electronics

(Science Daily) Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have invented a new type of electronic switch that performs electronic logic functions within a single molecule....12/1