Monday, December 3, 2012
ORNL in the News

Photo of the Week: Biomass Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Alina Campbell( Scientists and engineers at the Energy Department and its national laboratories are finding new, more efficient ways to convert biomass into biofuels...In this photo, graduate student Alina Campbell is removing damaged leaves from Eastern Cottonwood trees, which helps stimulate the trees' growth...11/30

Local contest winners receive equity infusions

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...(scroll) Innovative Vision Solutions, which uses motion correction technology for people undergoing medical imaging tests, also was the recipient of a $7,000 cash award given to the company that scored highest with the audience. The company was founded by Oak Ridge National Lab scientists Shaun Gleason and Jim Goddard...12/3

ORNL develops lignin-based thermoplastic conversion process

(Newswise) Turning lignin, a plant's structural "glue" and a byproduct of the paper and pulp industry, into something considerably more valuable is driving a research effort headed by Amit Naskar of Oak Ridge National Laboratory...11/30

Reaching 2009 International Climate Change Goals Will Require Aggressive Measures

(News Blaze) Despite an international consensus reached in 2009 to limit climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, scientists say the likelihood of meeting that goal is diminishing...The report titled "The challenge to keep global warming below 2°C" was written by Glen P. Peters and Robbie M. Andrew, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Norway; Tom Boden, Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory...12/2


Manhattan Project 'Voices' retelling story of bomb

( From living in a top-secret city on a mesa in northern New Mexico to smuggling a suitcase packed with alcohol into a dry federal research lab in Tennessee, some of the lesser-known stories behind the nation's effort to develop the atomic bomb are now available online...12/01

State & Regional

Court to reconsider Tennessee 3rd party ballot access

(Jackson Sun) A federal appeals court today ordered a lower court to reconsider whether Tennessee law makes it too difficult for third parties to get on the ballot...11/30

Talent pool low for TN life sciences; Chemists, biologists most in demand

( A shortage of skilled, experienced talent could put the growth of the state’s life sciences industry in jeopardy, according to a recent report from Life Science Tennessee...11/30


Egyptians fear decades of Muslim Brotherhood rule, warn Morsi is no friend to US

(NBC News) This was the place where the revolution began: the roundish square where Egyptians celebrated Mubarak's fall. This is where they are shouting on bullhorns again, outraged because they say the Muslim Brotherhood has stolen the revolution...12/3

China overtaking US as global trader

(AP) Shin Cheol-soo no longer sees his future in the United States. The South Korean businessman supplied components to American automakers for a decade. But this year, he uprooted his family from Detroit and moved home to focus on selling to the new economic superpower: China...12/3

East Tennessee

Only three major U.S. cities see economic recovery: study

(Reuters) Retailers moving into old downtown buildings, an abundance of freshly planted greenspaces, and a stream of new jobs in Knoxville, Tennessee, are all signs to Mayor Madeline Rogero that for the last year prosperity has been blooming in her city..11/30

energy & science policy

U.S. Department of Energy distributes $130 million for 'game-changing' technology

( The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that it will be providing $130 million worth of funding for 66 transformational energy and engineering research projects across the country...11/30

New Chairman for House Science, Space, and Technology Committee

(AIP) When the new Congress convenes in January, Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) will chair the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee. Smith will replace Ralph Hall (R-TX) who has chaired the committee since January 2011...11/30

science & technology

Atlantic stormMore Intense North Atlantic Tropical Storms Likely in the Future

(Science Daily) Tropical storms that make their way into the North Atlantic, and possibly strike the East Coast of the United States, likely will become more intense during the rest of this century...11/30

CO2 Output Hits Record High

(Discovery News) Around the world, we are emitting more carbon dioxide than ever. For 2012, according to new projections by the Global Carbon Project, there is likely to be a 2.6 percent rise in global CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels compared to the year before...13/3

MercuryFirst rock from the sun turns out to have ice

(ScienceNews) The sun-scorched surface of Mercury may be the last place you’d expect to find ice. But NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft has found the strongest evidence yet of frozen water — and carbon-rich material — on the planet closest to the sun...12/3

Other Stories

UN internet regulation treaty talks begin in Dubai

(BBC) A UN agency is trying to calm fears that the internet could be damaged by a conference it is hosting. Government regulators from 193 countries are in Dubai to revise a wide-ranging communications treaty. Google has warned the event threatened the "open internet", while the EU said the current system worked, adding: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."...12/2

Study: Costs for Basic Needs Climbing Faster than Income

(U.S. News and World Report) It's not your imagination: if it feels tougher to pay the bills now than it used to, that could easily be the case. A recent study shows that costs for basic needs have far outstripped income growth in recent years...11/30

A Substance Called Carbomorph Is The Key To 3-D Printing Entire Electronic Gadgets

(Popular Science) For a long time now, the ability to print electronic circuitry and components on commercially available 3-D printers has been viewed as the development that will thrust 3-D printing out of its current nascent maker space and into the mainstream of both manufacturing and home fabrication...11/30