Tuesday, December 3, 2013
ORNL in the News

DOE committed to evaluating pollution at Oak Ridge

(AP) The U.S. Department of Energy says it will spend at least $4.5 million over the next three years to evaluate polluted groundwater at the Oak Ridge plant...John Owsley of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation said some pollutants found in the wells match up with the constituents in the buried radioactive wastes at ORNL...12/2

3D's Cube 3D Printers for FRC Teams

(Nasdaq) 3D Systems received an order last Monday to supply a large number of Cube 3D printers for the participating teams of Dean Kamen's FIRST(R) Robotics Competition. Cube is a consumer printer that is widely used across offices, classrooms and homes. These printers have been certified as safe operability devices, enabling the company to win a number of awards for excellent performance. The competition is sponsored by the America Makes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the United States Department of Education...12/2

State & Regional

Haney to TVA: You're wrong about Bellefonte, pushes to finish nuclear plant his way

(Chattanooga Times Free Press) In an era of sluggish power demand, cheap natural gas and rising construction costs for nuclear power, Franklin L. Haney may be the only American pushing to try to personally finance a new atomic reactor...12/1

TN makes list of top states for green jobs

(The Tennessean) ...Environmental Entrepreneurs, a business group with a focus on the green industry, put Tennessee as No. 9 on a list of states that had jobs announced or created between July and September...11/30


Fortune's Blue-Ribbon Companies

(Fortune) Which companies were on the most Fortune lists -- including the Fortune 500, Fastest-Growing and Best Companies to Work For -- this year? Here are 2013's all-star companies...12/3


Los Alamos explores national park commemorating Manhattan Project

(Albuquerque Business First) Could a group of sites in and around Los Alamos National Laboratory become a national park commemorating the Manhattan Project? The idea has floated around for years, and bills to create such parks at nuclear sites around the nation passed the House and a Senate committee this year...12/2


science & technology

Using a Rough Surface to Stay Dry

(NY Times) Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston University have found a new clue to staying dry, and it has to do with time and texture...12/3

Scientists want a fire-spotting satellite

(PhysOrg) As firefighters emerge from another record wildfire season in the Western United States, University of California, Berkeley, scientists say it's time to give them a 21st century tool: a fire-spotting satellite...11/27

Loss of wetland biodiversity increases disease risk in frogs

(PhysOrg) Amphibians in species-poor wetlands have a higher risk of becoming infected with a virulent parasite than those in wetlands with a rich diversity of species, according to a Purdue University finding that sheds light on how biodiversity moderates the transmission of infectious diseases...12/3

How Scientists are Using Drones to Fight the Next Big Oil Spill

(The Atlantic) Researchers are deploying drones and sensors off the Florida coast to predict the impact of the next Deepwater Horizon...12/2

Asia Remains on Top in Test of Student Knowledge

(Science) Shanghai students have widened their lead in the latest global comparison of the educational skills of 15-year-olds. Asian city-states dominate the rankings, released today, while U.S. students continue to lag behind their counterparts in the industrial world...12/3

Other Stories

North Korea's No. 2 Leader Believed to Have Been Removed

(Wall Street Journal) North Korea's de facto No. 2 leader and uncle of dictator Kim Jong Un may have been removed from power, South Korea's spy agency said on Tuesday...12/3