Tuesday, December 6, 2011
ORNL in the News

Big winners: 2 Oak Ridge seniors win $100,000 science competition

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Cassee Cain and fellow Oak Ridge High senior Ziyuan Liu, both 17, were awarded the $100,000 grand prize Monday in the team category of the 13th annual Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology...The students said they conceived the idea for their project while working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory last summer. The team's mentors on the project were Dr. John K. Mueller and Dr. Boyd McCutchen Evans III of ORNL...12/5

ORTEC: ORNL and the first steps to success

(Oak Ridger) As we continue Hal Schmitt's amazing story of the formation of the first technology transfer at Oak Ridge to form the ORTEC company, a look is taken at the culture at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the 1960s and the details of how the ORTEC company got off the ground...12/5

ORNL Receives Inaugural East Tennessee Green Light Award

(Lab Manager Magazine) The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has received the inaugural East Tennessee Green Light Award from the U.S. Green Building Council East Tennessee Chapter for "exemplary contributions to sustainability in the built environment....11/30


WSI gets its way in Y-12 contracting change

(Knoxville News Sentinel) It’s not often that a contractor gets its way with the federal government, but WSI-Oak Ridge scored a victory of sorts on how the agency will award the security contract at the Y-12 and Pantex nuclear weapons facilities...12/5

Superlative Supercomputers: Argonne’s Mira to Accelerate Scientific Discoveries, Societal Benefits

(DOE Press Release) ...When it debuts in 2012, Mira, an IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer, will be one of the world’s fastest and most energy-efficient machines: It will be capable of running 20 times faster than the Blue Gene/P Solution, ANL’s current leadership-class supercomputer...12/2

Questions swirl around $6 billion nuclear lab

(AP) At Los Alamos National Laboratory, scientists and engineers refer to their planned new $6 billion nuclear lab by its clunky acronym, CMRR, short for Chemistry Metallurgy Research Replacement Facility. But as a work in progress for three decades and with hundreds of millions of dollars already spent, nomenclature is among the minor issues...12/5


How often do US military drones 'disappear'?

(CS Monitor) The US military acknowledged that one of its unmanned aerial vehicles had gone missing over western Afghanistan last week. With no pilot in the cockpit, drones can be tricky to fly...12/5

State & Regional

Tennessee moves up in health rankings

(The Tennessean) Tennessee is a healthier state than it was a year ago because people are losing weight and smoking less, fewer babies are dying and violent crime is down...12/6



energy & science policy

Obama Announces $4 Billion Green Building Upgrade Plan

(National Geographic News) ...Obama unveiled plans to move forward with nearly $4 billion in combined federal and private sector energy upgrades to buildings over the next two years as part of something called the Better Business Initiative.

Inside Energy Extra

12/5 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- Enhance FERC siting power: MIT stud
- Navy to buy $12M in 'drop-in' biofuel
- BP to remain key gulf player: exec
- Energy envoy cites global gas shifts

science & technology

Could a Higgs Boson Announcement Be Imminent From the LHC?

(Wired News) Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider could be getting an early Christmas present: the Higgs boson. According to the latest rumors, scientists at the LHC are seeing a signal that could correspond to a Higgs particle with a mass of 125 GeV (a proton is slightly less than 1 GeV)...12/3

Vast and Fertile Ground in Africa for Science to Take Root

(NY Times) He might have been content simply to teach thousands of university students in Uganda how to use computers, assemble them into networks, manage them and write basic software programs. In a poor African country with one of the world’s fastest-growing populations and rising Internet use, that alone would have been an enormous achievement...12/6

The Deep-Sea Find That Changed Biology

(NPR) In 1977, a small crew of oceanographers traveled to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and stumbled across a brand new form of life...12/5

The 7 Biggest Solar Projects Under Construction Right Now

(The Atlantic) Despite all the talk of Solyndra and Chinese solar companies dumping their products onto the US market, the development of projects in the US continues apace...12/2

Other Stories

Why has Britain done a U-turn on plutonium?

(Nature News) ...Why does the UK government want to convert its 112 tonnes of plutonium — the largest civilian stockpile in the world — into mixed-oxide fuel (MOX), when just a few months ago it announced the closure of the only MOX production facility in the country because of a lack of demand?...12/5