Wednesday, December 7, 2011
ORNL in the News

Y-12 polluted creek continues comeback

(Knoxville News Sentinel) "Things keep getting better," ORNL's Mark Peterson said in his "State of the Creek" talk. Despite improvements, East Fork remains posted as a hazard because of mercury contamination — a legacy of Y-12 operations....12/7

Supercomputer Reveals New Details Behind Drug-Processing Protein Model

(Science Daily) Supercomputer simulations at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory are giving scientists Jerome Baudry and Yinglong Miao unprecedented access to a key class of proteins involved in drug detoxification....12/7


Advanced Biofuels: How Scientists are Engineering Bacteria to Help Drive America

(DOE) Researchers at the Energy Department's Joint BioEnergy Institute have engineered the first strains of the bacteria to digest switchgrass biomass and synthesize its sugars into all three types of transportation fuels -- gasoline, diesel and jet fuels....12/6

Tech 2020 CEO Mike Cuddy to retire

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Before taking over as president and CEO of Tech 20/20, Cuddy worked as a vice president at SAIC. Before working for SAIC, Cuddy worked for 30 years at Union Carbide, Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin Energy Systems....12/6


France vows powerful summit deal

(Reuters) The leaders of France and Germany will not leave this week's EU summit until a "powerful" deal is reached to arrest the euro zone debt crisis, Paris said on Wednesday....12/7

Republicans split on Democratic plan to extend payroll tax cut

(Washington Post) What might normally be a no-brainer for most congressional Republicans is being resisted by many tea-party-conscious members who oppose what they consider a short-term gimmick that would worsen the federal deficit and siphon money from Social Security....12/7

State & Regional

TN program aims to boost exports

(Tennessean) State officials will launch an initiative today designed to bolster Tennessee exports and offer modest financial help to small companies that want to sell products overseas, perhaps for the first time....12/6

energy & science policy

U.N. climate talks move slowly as new studies urge more dramatic emissions cuts

(Washington Post) Delegates to annual U.N. climate negotiations made only incremental progress Tuesday, even as researchers warned that if nations don't bolster their plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions, much more costly reductions will be needed after 2020....12/7

Can 'Carbon Ranching' Offset Emissions In Calif.?

(NPR) Just over a year from now, California will begin enforcing a set of laws that limit emissions of greenhouse gases from factories, power plants and, eventually, from vehicles....12/7

Inside Energy Extra

12/6 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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** Record fine for W. Va. mine explosion
** Huntsman now questions climate science
** Va. official calls for offshore drilling
** Hastings plans species-act reform
** White House hits House regulation bill

science & technology

Beekeepers help fight loss of colonies

(Tennessean) One of the least understood afflictions of beekeeping — Colony Collapse Disorder, in which masses of honeybees disappear — was a key topic at a gathering in Nashville this week of veterinary pathologists from around the country....12/7

Oceans' deepest depth re-measured

(BBC) US scientists have mapped the deepest part of the world's oceans in greater detail than ever before. This measurement for the deepest point - known as Challenger Deep, in the Mariana Trench - is arguably the most precise yet....12/7

Cyber security: Power grid grows more vulnerable to attack, report finds

(Christian Science Monitor) 'Smart grid' features and Internet-based connections to the US power grid are proliferating, increasing pathways for would-be cyber attackers, says a study from MIT. What to do?...12/6