Thursday, December 7, 2017
ORNL in the News

New family of aluminum-cerium alloys shows significantly improved high-temperature performance, economic benefits

(Green Car Cngress) ...a multi-laboratory research team led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory has described a new family of economically competitive aluminum alloys containing 6-16 wt. % cerium which exhibits significantly improved high-temperature mechanical properties, in addition to improved castability and thermal stability when compared to existing aluminum alloys...12/5

Scientists aim to develop drought-resistant crops using genetic engineering

(Independent) “CAM is a proven mechanism for increasing water-use efficiency in plants,” said Dr Xiaohan Yang, a plant biologist at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and co-author of the new study...12/5

Tool Tackles Slippery Slope of Winter Roads

(IEEE Global Spec) A precision de-icing tool developed by researchers from U.S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee offers a cost-effective approach to the management of winter roads in urban areas. Software and hardware are combined to optimize seasonal road salting, enabling cities to allocate resources effectively and increase safety on critical roads...12/5

Oak Ridge improving disaster response plans

( Oak Ridge leaders are looking to improve relationships with neighboring communities and across the state to give and receive help during large scale emergencies...12/6

Science and Technology

Vehicles of the Future Put to the Test

(Newswise) Researchers and students in the University of Delaware's Department of Mechanical Engineering are studying ways to maximize fuel efficiency in a connected and automated vehicle (CAV)...12/5

The U.S. has lost its lead in lasers

(The Washington Post) Europe and Asia have taken a significant lead over the United States in the race to field the next generation of high-intensity lasers for use in medicine, nuclear weapons development, manufacturing and science, according to a new study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine...12/6

Energy and Science Policy

NSF’s Plans for Telescope Divestment Prompt Pushback in Congress

(AIP) As the National Science Foundation seeks partners capable of operating the Arecibo and Green Bank radio telescopes with significantly reduced funding from NSF, several Appropriations Committee members are pledging to fight to ensure the facilities remain open, a few of whom argue the agency should maintain its current level of support...12/5


Departments of Energy & Commerce Co-chair Third Meeting of U.S.-Mexico Energy Business Council

( The third meeting of the U.S.-Mexico Energy Business Council (the Council) took place today in Mexico City, and was co-chaired by Wells Griffith, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of International Affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy, and Israel Hernandez, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Commerce, performing the delegated duties of Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade...12/7

DoE Identifies Material as Fastest Solid-State Conductor for Magnesium Battery

(Design News) A team at the Department of Energy has discovered a material as the fastest magnesium-ion solid-state conductor, a significant breakthrough to make solid-state magnesium-ion batteries that have both high energy density and also are safe...12/7

Local and State

Georgia regulators question economics of completing nuclear plant

(Times Free Press) A new staff analysis by Georgia's Public Service Commission suggests construction of America's first totally new nuclear power reactor of the 21st century should be scrapped unless Georgia Power agrees to absorb a bigger share of the project's cost overruns...12/7

Long-Range 2018 Nissan LEAF Production Has Begun In Tennessee

(Clean Technica) The long-range, completely refreshed, 2018 Nissan LEAF is now being produced at the Smyrna Vehicle Assembly Plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, the company has revealed...12/6