Thursday, December 9, 2010
ORNL in the News

Oak Ridge spin-off AquaSentinel licensed to Tennessee startup

(R&D) A Tennessee startup, SecureWaters Inc., has licensed a water supply monitoring technology developed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory...AquaSentinel, developed by Elias Greenbaum of ORNL's Chemical Sciences Division, uses naturally occurring algae that act as tiny biosensors. Like microscopic canaries in a coal mine, the algae provide an early warning of water contamination by responding to toxins with variations in their photosynthetic behavior...12/8


Oak Ridge carbon fiber plant gains ground

(Oak Ridger) Construction work could start in January on a $9 million carbon fiber manufacturing plant at Horizon Center. UT-Battelle, which manages the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy, would lease the property from owner and developer R&R Partners for 10 years..."This is a project that will basically get us to the point where we can make carbon fiber cheaper than it is now," said Michelle Buchanan, ORNL associate lab director for physical sciences...12/8

Work to identify how energy devices affect aquatic life

( Research under way at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory should help explain how aquatic life might be affected by renewable energy devices....As part of this project, scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are examining how electromagnetic fields created by hydrokinetic devices might affect freshwater animals. And researchers from the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Oregon State University are studying the potential electromagnetic effects on crabs...12/8


"Our generation’s Sputnik moment is back": President Obama Reiterates His Support for R&D

(DOE Press Release) ...Following last week’s release of the report by The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform recommending “expanding high-value research and development in energy and other critical areas,” President Barack Obama discussed the value of R&D two separate times this week...12/8

Remnants of early H-bomb work in Oak Ridge

(Knoxville News Sentinel) During the early Cold War development of thermonuclear weapons, the so-called Hydrogen Bomb, the Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge used vast tons of mercury for processes associated with lithium enrichment...12/8




U.S. students are no longer at the head of the class

(NBC News) Some stunning numbers were released today, part of an international survey on education. That shows U.S. students are lagging behind classmates in other industrialized nations. A major setback for education in America and many say a desperate call for change...12/8

Obama exhorts members of Congress to back tax deal

(AP) President Barack Obama says economists predict higher job growth in 2011 and 2012 if Congress passes tax deal he negotiated with Republicans. He's urging lawmakers to examine the details of the deal and "get this done."...12/8

energy & science policy

Oyster Creek Reactor to Close by 2019

(NY Times) The Oyster Creek nuclear reactor in New Jersey will be shut down by 2019, at least 10 years before its license expires, in a deal with state environmental regulators that will allow it to operate until then without building costly cooling towers, its owner said on Wednesday...12/8

Inside Energy Extra

12/8 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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** House votes more nuclear, coal aid
** GOP said blocking '1603' over stimulus
** BOEM to issue new deepwater guidance
** Biggest wind site off smallest state

science & technology

On the Trail of Antarctica’s Geological Secrets

(NY Times) John Goodge, a professor of geological sciences at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and Jeff Vervoort, an isotope geochemist from Washington State University, will be writing occasional posts from their research expedition in Antarctica...12/7

A flow of heavy-Ion results from the Large Hadron Collider

( The ALICE experiment at CERN is designed to study the quark-gluon plasma produced in high-energy collisions of lead nuclei...12/8

Serpentine Swedish Setup Turns Freeways Into Power Plants

(Wired News) In the eyes of Swedish architect and urban strategist Mans Tham, the stretch of I-10 known as the Santa Monica Freeway is an achievement to be celebrated, revered and covered in so many solar panels that it looks like a massive snake...12/8

New species of bacteria devouring Titanic wreck

(CS Monitor) The wreckage of the RMS Titanic may soon disappear forever, thanks to a newly discovered species of bacteria with a taste for iron oxide...12/8

Other Stories

Far Offshore, a Rash of Close Calls

(Wall Street Journal) The oil industry has said the Deepwater Horizon rig catastrophe was a unique event, the result of an unprecedented series of missteps that are unlikely to be repeated. The recent history of offshore drilling suggests otherwise...12/8