Thursday, December 12, 2013
ORNL in the News

Bioluminescence technology from UT a top innovation, researchers have ORNL connection

(Oak Ridge Today) Technology that lights up cells to enable study of the effects of drugs and monitor disease is among The Scientist magazine’s Top 10 innovations of 2013. It’s also a University of Tennessee technology and licensed by a Knoxville-based startup company...The technology was first patented in 2002...12/11

Ensuring American Leadership in Clean Energy Manufacturing

( the Energy Department launched the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative. Through the initiative, we are working to boost U.S. manufacturing competitiveness by focusing on two key areas -- increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing sector while also making sure that clean energy technologies continue to be produced here in America...The Department’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Lab continues to be a leading research institution for manufacturers working in the areas of carbon fiber and composites, additive manufacturing (also called 3D printing) and lightweight metals processing...12/11


GAO: NNSA’s modernization costs jump $19B, but the budget numbers don’t mesh with plans

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Government Accountability Office released a report today showing that, based on a comparison of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s budget materials in 2012 and now, the cost of modernizing the nuclear security enterprise — FY2014 through FY31– jumped by about $19 billion...12/11

Energy Department Invests $13 Million to Drive Innovative U.S. Solar Manufacturing

( Building on the Energy Department’s all-of-the-above energy strategy to continue U.S. leadership in clean energy innovation, the Department today announced over $13 million for five projects to strengthen domestic solar manufacturing and speed commercialization of efficient, affordable photovoltaic and concentrating solar power technologies...12/11

Passed in House, Manhattan Project Park amendment falls short in Senate

(Oak Ridge Today) The legislation to create a Manhattan Project National Park that would include Oak Ridge has fallen short in the U.S. Senate, but the representative from Washington state who wrote the House amendment vowed to press ahead next year...12/11


Budget Deal Picks Up Steam

(Wall Street Journal) House Republican leaders threw their weight behind a two-year budget deal, planning to bring it to a vote Thursday as opposition in both parties failed to gain enough traction to threaten passage...12/11

East Tennessee

UT Announces Student-Focused Housing Redevelopment Plan

(Tennessee Today) UT announced today an aggressive student housing redevelopment plan that will transform the student experience and accommodate the growth in student learning communities. The plan involves replacing six residence halls around Presidential Court with seven new modern facilities in five years...12/11

State & Regional

Bill to include Tenn. battlefields in park system

(AP) ...The legislation would designate battlefields at Davis Bridge and Fallen Timbers in Tennessee and Russell House - which is in Tennessee and Mississippi - as part of Shiloh National Military Park. It would also include Parker's Crossroads of Tennessee in the system...12/12


energy & science policy

US budget deal would ease science agencies' pain

(Nature) The US Congress has announced that it is close to a deal on government spending that would, for the next two years, eliminate the across-the-board cuts known as sequestration. The deal offers a respite from the partisan battles over government spending that culminated in October with a 16-day government shutdown, and it would give a budgetary boost to science agencies in 2014, rather than another set of cuts...12/11

F.D.A. Restricts Antibiotics Use for Livestock

(NY Times) The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday put in place a major new policy to phase out the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in cows, pigs and chickens raised for meat, a practice that experts say has endangered human health by fueling the growing epidemic of antibiotic resistance...12/11

science & technology

Smart phone technology boosts early warning for extreme weather, quakes

(CS Monitor) Researchers are enhancing a dense network of GPS receivers with temperature, air-pressure, and motion sensors common in today's smart phones. The prototype promises precious minutes of advance warning for extreme weather, tsunamis, and earthquakes...12/11

Scientists Map Vast Reserves Of Freshwater Under The Seabed

(NPR) Not all the water in the sea is seawater. Scientists think there are vast reserves of fresh groundwater buried under the oceans — a potentially valuable resource for coastal cities that need freshwater.

Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

(Wired) Physicists reported this week the discovery of a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality...12/11

Other Stories

Arctic resource race heats up, as Russia, Canada stake new claims

(CS Monitor) Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a rollout of Arctic military bases, one day after Canadian officials said they would claim jurisdiction over the North Pole...12/11

Germany's Solar Star Fades

(The Atlantic) The United States is set to overtake Germany, long the world's biggest solar power. Home solar installations in the United States hit a record high in the third quarter and that should help the country overtake Germany as a photovoltaic superpower by year’s end...12/10