Thursday, December 15, 2016
ORNL in the News

3D Printing is East Tennessee's Next Manufacturing Boom

(Builder Online) ...Oak Ridge researchers worked with architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (who also master planned the city of Oak Ridge, back in the ‘40s) to fabricate a 3D-printed mobile home that looks like a 21st century Airstream...12/14

UO team helps show peatlands may hold on to carbon

(Around the O) ...The research was done in northern Minnesota as part of the Oak Ridge National Laboratories’ Spruce and Peatland Response Under Climatic and Environmental Change experiment, also known as SPRUCE. Additional work was done in labs at collaborating institutions...12/14

Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (Excel Version) (Phastex V1.01)

( PHASTEx v1.01 is a modified Excel format version of The Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (PHAST).  It is developed by E3M Inc. in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  PHASTEx software tool is designed to improve energy efficiency and save energy for industrial heating systems...12/13

Jefferson Lab-NVIDIA collaboration uses Titan's to boost subatomic particle research

(EurekAlert) ...[Robert] Edwards serves as the principal investigator on a project that uses computation to inform the GlueX experiment as well as corroborate experimental findings. To that end the team has been using the Titan supercomputer at DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory...12/8

Science and Technology

America’s First Offshore Wind Farm Spins to Life

(NY Times) ...On Monday, the country’s first offshore wind farm, developed by a company called Deepwater Wind and helped along by the state’s political leadership, started spinning its turbines to bring electricity to Block Island, a vacation destination with few year-round residents that had previously relied on diesel-fueled generators for power...12/14

Energy and Science Policy

Trump Staffs Transition Teams for DOE and NASA

(AIP) Although no one on the president-elect’s transition team has been publicly identified as a lead point of contact for science issues broadly or at the agency level, a few members of the landing teams for agencies including the Department of Energy and NASA have backgrounds in science and/or science policy...12/14


Trump team disavows climate change questionnaire to Energy Department

(CNN Politics) Donald Trump's transition team is disavowing a questionnaire sent to the Energy Department requesting the names of employees working on climate change issues...12/14

Energy Department rejects Trump's request to name climate change workers, who remain worried

(Chicago Tribune) ..."There is major concern amongst my members," said Jeff Eagan, president of the National Treasury Employees Union chapter at the department's headquarters building in Washington. He's also a 17-year Energy employee, but was speaking in his union capacity...12/13 

Energy Secretary Moniz Statement on Breakthrough Energy Coalition Fund Announcement

( ...The Breakthrough Energy Coalition is a group of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and institutional investors who last November in Paris announced their commitment to help bring promising new zero-emissions energy technologies to market...12/12

Local and State

'Boot,' Postma awards presented: Cange, McNally among speakers

(Oak Ridger) ..."You make my job (as a congressman) easier when the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Y-12 National Security Complex, EM and ORAU get it right," the U.S. representative remarked, prior to being announced as one of three "Muddy Boot" recipients on Friday...12/13

Coors, the beer brewer, honored for Manhattan Project work on Y-12 ceramic insulators

(Oak Ridge Today) William Kistler “Bill” Coors is best known for the beer brewed in the Rocky Mountains, but he was honored by federal officials this month for his historic work building ceramic insulators that were used in Oak Ridge to help build the world’s first atomic bombs...12/14