Tuesday, December 18, 2012
ORNL in the News

New study predicts extreme climate in Eastern US

(PhysOrg) From extreme drought to super storms, many wonder what the future holds for the climate of the eastern United States. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, does away with the guessing...Harnessing the supercomputing power of UT's Kraken and Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Jaguar (now Titan, the fastest in the world), the researchers combined high-resolution topography, land use information and climate modeling...12/17

Greenhouse Gas – Microbes That Fight Harmful Greenhouse Gases Discovered

(Star Global Tribune) The environment has a more formidable opponent than carbon dioxide. Another greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide, is 300 times more potent and also destroys the ozone layer each time it is released into the atmosphere through agricultural practices, sewage treatment and fossil fuel combustion. Luckily, nature has a larger army than previously thought combating this greenhouse gas—according to a study by Frank Loeffler, University of Tennessee, Knoxville–Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chair for Microbiology, and his colleagues...12/17


Y-12: Oak Ridge treasure — national resource: A look back at Union Carbide's 20 years in nuclear energy

(Oak Ridger) This series of articles is taken from a publication produced by Union Carbide Nuclear Division in the early 1960s which provides some insights into technological advances and substantial manufacturing accomplishments that were being made in Oak Ridge just 20 years after the Manhattan Project came to East Tennessee...12/16

Energy Department, ArcelorMittal Partnership Boosts Efficiency of Major Steel Manufacturing Plant

(Energy.gov) Today, Senior Advisor in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Gil Sperling, joined local officials and company representatives for the ribbon cutting ceremony and tour of the ArcelorMittal steel manufacturing plant in East Chicago, Indiana...12/17



Obama, Boehner move closer to ‘cliff’

(Washington Post) President Obama and House Speaker John A. Boehner moved close to agreement Monday on a plan to avert the year-end “fiscal cliff,” but they had yet to clear several critical hurdles, including winning the support of wary House Republicans...12/17

State & Regional

New CEO Bill Johnson takes rocky path to TVA job

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...On Jan. 1, Bill Johnson will take the reins as CEO of the Tennessee Valley Authority. With more than 12,000 employees and some 9 million power customers in seven states, the appointment is among the highest-profile corporate jobs in East Tennessee...12/16

Tullahoma firm wins NASA contract

(Tennessean) NASA has awarded a contract worth up to $1.4 billion to a Tullahoma technology company to manage the ground systems and facilities necessary for the next generation of American spacecraft...12/18

energy & science policy

Action by 2020 key for limiting climate change, researchers say

(PhysOrg) Limiting climate change to target levels will become much more difficult to achieve, and more expensive, if action is not taken soon, according to a new analysis from IIASA, ETH Zurich, and NCAR...12/17

science & technology

Computer engineering: Feeling the heat

(Nature) The more that microcircuits are shrunk, the hotter they get. Engineers are on the hunt for ways to cool off computing...12/12

Crayfish Harbor Fungus That's Wiping Out Amphibians

(National Geographic) Scientists have found a new culprit in spreading the disease that's been driving the world's frogs to the brink of extinction: crayfish...12/17

All Roads Lead to Natural Gas-Fueled Cars and Trucks

(Forbes) Royal Dutch Shell is changing lanes. While oil development will continue to dominate its portfolio, the energy developer is now making plans to invest heavily in liquefied natural gas, or LNG....12/15

Is the "Superfuel" Thorium Riskier Than We Thought?

(Popular Mechanics) Imagine a cheap, plentiful source of energy that could provide safe, emissions-free power for hundreds of years without refueling and without any risk of nuclear proliferation. The fuel is thorium, and it has been trumpeted by proponents as a "superfuel" that eludes many of the pitfalls of today’s nuclear energy...12/5

Engineers Develop New Energy-Efficient Computer Memory Using Magnetic Materials

(Science Daily) By using electric voltage instead of a flowing electric current, researchers from UCLA's Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have made major improvements to an ultra-fast, high-capacity class of computer memory known as magnetoresistive random access memory, or MRAM...12/14

Other Stories

Aging America: The Cities That Are Graying The Fastest

(New Geography) Notwithstanding plastic surgery, health improvements and other modern biological enhancements, we are all getting older, and the country is too...12/14